Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 39 - Revenge is a dish best served really really cold

- Went back to Mystra’s Hold
- Planned tactics with Doltaric
- Learned about a town called Rowenrai’s Rest, taken over by the orcs from Vics
- The plan was to hit Rowenrai’s hard, forcing Vics to send out it’s army, then sneak into Vics and kill the tanarukk Vrogak.

- The party treks to Rowenrai, meeting an orc scouting party along the way, the party dispatched the orcs easily, Fikki forced a wyvern to choke it’s self on it’s tail with the a domination spell. Disgusted at the sight, Alistair continued along the path while Fikki enjoyed the sight a little too much.
- The party was attacked by an ogre, and Viclannan trapped it inside his portable hole. Disgusted again by the dishonorable combat, Alistair again ignored his allies when the ogre popped out.

- Finally reaching Rowenrai’s Rest, the party changed their tactics and decided to camp out nearby, and pick the orcs off slowly.
- Viclannan descided to sneak in and poison the orc’s food supply, but he was spotted by an orc shaman and had to escape.



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