Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 38b - The Loneliest Day

-players wake
-meet Gano Hyrim in a shack nearby
-Gano has a mechanical arm
-he explains that the world has shattered, and 20 years has gone
-he guides them to Mystra’s Hold (formerly Temple City)
-They meet Kaltarren, Doltaric, the new leader
-They are told about the world’s sittuation
-Gano discusses a ritual that Kningtar, Bruslina had planned
-Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn tries to contact Celakasiron, Rhialla Dellaren with no success
-Vic contacts Celakasiron, Victoria Priapurl
-Fikki Kningtar contacts Pria and teaches her a Teleportation Circle
-The group go to visit Pria and learn that Rhialla is dead, killed by a Tanarukk that took over Vics
-Vic almost goes berserk, his sadness affecting his magic, but Pria makes him sleep with a spell.



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