Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 38a - Death of a Deity

- Nathan’s Funeral
- Prepping for war
- Killing a Shadow Mastiff and 2 Black Sons
- Rappo destroyed the Teleportation circle
- Rappo destroyed the Armory
- Vic flew up and saw 5 Black Sons, 2 Draegloth, and 2 Death Kiss approaching
- Alistair held off the Draegloths and a Death Kiss
- Vic and Rappo killed the Black Sons and tanked the Death Kiss back to the Circle
- A final Death Kiss approached as one Black Son teleported away
- Some of the ravens circling the island were warlocks in disguise
- A beholder came, and had problems with Rappo and Vic’s ferret
- Vic got the final kill, thanks to Alistair distracting the beholder

- Going through the scrying room, they killed the headmaster by pinning him to a wall with his desk, Vic and Rappo looted all his paperwork
- Entering the final chamber, they saw the Raven Queen on her throne
- Alistar dropped his sword, teleported up to her, and called his sword again to slash her
- Rappo shot her with fire bolts and disintegrate
- Vic used his Book of Infinate spells to cast disintegrate, causing the book to change page
- The Raven Queen missed with her Black Hole spells, and Alistair’s sword absorbed her other blasts.

- The Raven Queen was furious, so she started to summon a larger Black Hole
- Alistair attacked her, and when she tried to block with her black hole, a shockwave went out, the whole room shattered, Alistair could see his own torso split in half. Time stopped as a familiar person appeared in the room. Bruslina walked up to Alistair, handing him a purple crystal while saying “this Crystal is the key. Find the others, return the world”
Bruslina then walks to Vic, the strain from keeping time stopped obviously draining her life, her skin peeling away for every step she takes. As she approaches Vic she says “Farewell my friend” and places a single gold coin into Vic’s pocket, before they all pass out.



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