Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 37c - Farewell old friend, Hello beasty

- Nitharos is finally repaired and in the air once more, it flies to Starmantle to prepare for the following battle.
- Alistair Kaltarren‘s efforts have proved fruitfull, as Everbloom has sent their elites to help “win back the sun”, wizards from all over the world have come to join, even some Red Wizards of Thay, defectors from Szazz Tam’s undead regime, have come to show their support.
- Rappo Kningtar had convinced all the Kningtar clans to offer support however they can.
- Jarlaxle has his Bregan D’aerthe allies acting as spies.

The party finally has some downtime to rest and prepare, Alistair spends his time meditating and trying to learn how to better wield his father’s sword Hewalosvir, Rappo get’s his new gauntlets and spends time learning how they work. While Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn teaches his daughter how to fight.

Some short time later, Rappo was in the “flower shop” when a drow came bursting in, sating the pass phrase and rushing down into the basement, Rappo danced after and met Jarlaxle down there speaking drow to the new guy. Alarmed, Jarlaxle yelled at Rappo “Where is Vic!?”

Vic was in his tavern, performing on the bar counter to try to raise profits. Rhialla had told him she was pissed about him going off with Priapurl, but since the new bar taps and modron had raised profits by 20%, she would let it slide. Vic wanted more, was told if he got profits up to 21% she would “treat him” later on.
Suddenly the door burst in, Jarlaxle pointed at Vic, then at one of the protected booths.
The two of them went there and Jarlaxle yelled “Where’s Alistair?!” Vic had no idea, so Jarlaxle told him to find Alistair as fast as he can and meet him at the town entrance. On the way Jarlaxle grabbed hold of Rappo too.

When Vic and Alistair got to the entrance, Jarlaxle explained that Nathaniel‘s mission was a success, he had uncovered the location of the Children of the Black Dawn’s main base, but he was busted and had to escape, he was in dire trouble not far from That-Place, but he dare not enter as he was morally wounded. No one understood quite what that meant. Jarlaxle used a Sending to communicate with Grein Dragonbeard, and was informed that Nathaniel was cursed, and upon his death a great evil will be unleashed.

As the party approached the Corpse of Agon, they saw it’s entrance explode in a cloud of black smoke, their assumptions that Nathan was dead was confirmed when Haege sent a mental communication to Alistair saying that “Nathaniel is dead, you must destroy what came out before the Black Dawn get word of it” Everything was so confusing, Alistair asked “What is going on? What is it?”…. it was an Ancient Shadow Dragon.
Jarlaxle had been communicating with Grein, and informed the party that long ago, Nathan was lost in the Shadowfell, the dragon Narathaxiaris found him entertaining, and over time gifted him abilities to see what he might do. When Haege and Grein pulled Nathan back to the material plane, the shadow dragon placed a curse on Nathan, claiming that whenever he dies, a rift will open letting Thax through. This is why Nathan can shadow-step at free will, and has been so successful as a spy.

As the party approached they saw Thax coming out of the cave, bellowing a horrifying roar. Jarlaxle urged the party to attack now, before the dragon fully forms in this plane.

Understanding the urgency, Alistair summons forth his spirit warriors of Mystra, and casts spiderclimb, he then teleports onto to dragon’s back and begins hacking away.
Viclannan flanks around the dragon, calling forth Melf’s Minute Meteors and begins firing away from behind. Rappo does the same, but from the other direction, calling forth some meteors, and throwing his own fire along side.

The dragon screams, clawing at Alistair on his back, and thrashing it’s wings at the spirit warriors hacking at it’s legs. The terror of seeing such a massive dragon, made from pure black shadow, along with the horrifying roar was too much for Vic, who was stood a mere 40 feet away, panic set in and he hid at the cave entrance while launching as many meteors and bolts as he could.

After disposing of the spirits, and failing at knocking Alistair loose, Thax turns it’s attention to Vic, pathetically attempting to hide by the cave entrance. The dragon lunges at Vic with claw and fang, forcing Vic to teleport further into the cave in panic. Thax thrashes around at Alistair one last time, before launching himself high into the air, realising that Rappo was too far away and needing to deal with the insect on his back first.

On his way out, Viclannan stumbled upon what little remained of Nathaniel, and noticed that before he died, the spy had stuck some papers to the wall with a dagger.
Exiting the cave, Vic could barely see the dragon spinning around high up in the sky, trying to shake off Alistair.

Alistair, realising there is but one spell he could use in this situation, sheaths his blade and casts Earthbind. The dragon, suddenly starts to plummet back down towards the ground. Cursing the leech on his back, Thax spews out a cloud of necrotic shadows and smoke straight down, and proceeds to fall into his own breath attack. The fumes prove too much for Alistair, and he is knocked out, only Mystra’s blessing protecting him fully falling to the necrotic power of a shadow dragon’s breath.

For a brief moment Vic, Rappo and Jarlaxle loose sight of the dragon as it entered the cloud of pure darkness, but then the dragon emerges with a loud boom as it crashes to the surface, causing the ground to shake and a massive crater appear as some of the caves beneath the surface collapse. In one last effort, Jarlaxle runs forward spraying the dragon with a wand of sunlight, Rappo fires loose a ray of Disintegration causing the dragon to yell out in pain, Vic follows Rappo by pulling out his very special “Only-For-Special-Occasions” Book and casts his own ray of Disintegration from it, thanking Tymora the page didn’t flip.

Finally, Rappo sends out one last shot, and the dragon screams in pain as it evaporates. Rappo runs up to Alistair, shoving a potion down his throat.



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