Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 37b - Unsuspected Allies, the Armies Gather

- At the Auction, Vic decides to try to flirt with some of the local ladies, when he feels a knife press against his back, and hears a whisper in his ear “You flirt with one more lady, and it will be my turn to stab you”. Recognising the voice as Rhialla, he slowly turns and replies “So I cant flirt with you either then?”
- The three of them finally sit down for the auction, and Vic bids on a few things, but only ends up winning an Onyx Dog Figurine
- The final item though, is presented as “The weapon that has slain dragons, demons and gods, wielded by the hero that brought Mystra back, the legendary mage slayer Hewalosvir!” though the party knew for a fact that the real Hewalosvir was in Alistair’s posessions, the auctioneer granted the audience some minutes to think over their budgets before beginning, during this time they came to the conclusion that they would buy the item, but instead of paying, they would expose the fraud, and use this to blackmail the auctioneer into helping them find the missing item they needed.
- They then noticed a drow sat behind them as Jarlaxle, who leant forwards and jokingly stated that the word “black” mail is offensive, and he would prefer extortion.
- Rhialla and Vic raised the price of the fake to ensure that they won it, and “bought” it for a whopping 700 000 gold
- After the auction Jarlaxle left through a different exit from the others, Rhialla said she had a meeting with the Prince of Epsilon, and “took” one of Vic’s Mhyrian spears as a gift.
- As the auction was protected by an Antimagic field, the party had to go into a side room to have their newly purchased items proven to them. Vic was satisfied with his new dog, but when the auctioneer and her wizard friend went to prove Hewalosvir, both Alistair and Vic saw it to be an illusion, Alistair summoned the real sword and arrested the wizard for fraud. They interrogated the halfling auctioneer and found out it was none other than Hishi Kningtar herself, whom Vic had wanted to seek out anyway.
- Back at camp, Grein agreed to go with Hishi to her base, as she said she had records of some antiquities being traded some 5 years ago. Meanwhile, Alistair received his gear, and Rappo got word from the wizard he employed that the experiments were a success, however the crystals were extremely destructive, pleased Rappo gave him the gauntlets to work with.

- When Grein returned, he informed them that the missing piece was indeed traded, and was currently in the possession of an unknown Neo Faerûnian engineer they had a detailed description, but needed to send an emissary of some sorts to deliver a proposal, he also wanted to attempt to hire the engineer, as any extra knowledge on the Batrachi ship would be most welcome. Vic, through Rhialla, asked their daughter to speak to the Neo Faerun guild in That-place, but not without Rhialla pointing out that Vic should talk to his daughter too sometimes.
- Feeling a little ashamed, he went back to That-Place to hear how things went in person. Things had gone well, and Priapurl had managed to secure passage and “visa” for two people to enter Neo Faerun as emissaries. She convinced Vic that the two to go should be themselves, saying she wanted to travel and adventure a little too, but mother was too strict, while Vic saw it as an opportunity to finally bond a little with his daughter.
- While Vic was out traveling, Alistair decided to spread the word of Mystra’s return, and send out a call-to-arms against the Black Dawn threat, while Rappo reached out to the Kningtar family (also finally figuring out how he is related to Hishi)

- Vic and Pria’s journey to Calimport went without a hitch, as the two of them travelled as emissaries seeking to learn the joys of modern technology and bring it back to That-Place (something not entirely false) but in secret seek out the engineer that had their missing piece, and attempt to recruit her.
- They met with Tila Techla, an engineer in the ruling council of Neo Faerun, and also the engineer they were seeking. They managed to interest her with the proposal to work onboard the Nitharos, but they would need to convince the council too. While waiting for their meeting, Pria purchased some modern bar taps for Vics Tavern, Vic himselv bought some new crossbows and a Construct Servant (designed after the Modron’s of Mechanus)
- The next morning they met with the council: Alistair Ironheart, Jora Caldari, Murdock the Hunter, Timothy Mechari, Tila Techla and the Head Chancellor Tokas Majere
- They presented that they desired Tila to come and work with the Rising Sons onboard the Nitharos, and that when the Children of the Black Dawn were defeated, it would (literally) shine light on Neo Faerûn Order and help convince the world (and Everbloom) that technology is not bad.
- Agreeing to this under a few conditions (which were accepted), Tila was granted leave to go and assist.
- After the meeting, Pria commented to Vic that no one in the council seemed like normal people.. they were all so bad-ass, Vic accidently stated that “adventurers get things done” only sparking his daughters interest in adventuring even more. Before they left, Pria begged Vic to borrow some money to buy “provisions” for the journey, he knew she was lying, but was more curious as to what she was up too, so he lent her some gold.
- She returned with a mechanical folding shield, and an extending spear, Vic teased her that they were not provisions, unless she suddenly eats metal. She replied that she had bought a plate and a fork, and he accepted her response with a smile.

Back at Athkatla, the final stages of repair were under way.



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