Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 37a - The longest short rest ever

- escorted the sarcophagus into the Gulthmere forest and were met by two druids to guide them
- the forrest was lush, but quickly started to deteriorate
- Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn was affected my Madness, and became fascinated with death
- Rune became alerted to something evil up ahead, so Vic, Rappo Kningtar and one of the druids went to investigate. They found the rotting corpse of a unicorn, something very unsettling for the druid.
- once it began to stir, Alistair Kaltarren teleported in to help battle it
- the Undead Unicorn proved no big threat to them, however the “taint” strengthened Vic’s madness, and affected the druid too, putting him in utter despair
- Rune came and noticed this, and was immediately in panic, he rushed back to the sarcophagus, with Alistair and Rappo not far behind. Rune started drawing up a Circle of Protection and pointed out that one of the seals had weakened and broken, he could repair it, but had to focus all his energy on it for the rest of the trip.

After they got moving again, there were attacked from behind by a group of mounted assailants. These enemies were Children of the Black Dawn, but proved even easier targets than the Unicorn.

Upon reaching The Temple City (prev. Starmantle) Kerry met them and guided them in to the city. He sent Rappo to take Vic to a cleric to clear his madness, and escorted Alistair and the sarcophagus to the ritual site.

-Ritual was a success, Mystra had returned and all the mages rejoiced. The party were awarded with Blessings:
- Alistair got the Blessing of Valhalla (he can summon spirit warriors once every 7 days)
- Vic got the Blessing of XX (all non-magical weapons are magical when he uses them, and have +1 bonus)
- Rappo got the Blessing of YY ()

- Gano Hyrim told them to go all to Athcatla, but Vic and Alistair started to plan out a business idea instead
- Rappo gave some magic items from the Mhyrian realm to a wizard in hopes of learning something, and also getting some sweet gear. He then went to find Vic and Alistair talking, despite Nathaniel urging them to go as soon as possible, as Grein Dragonbeard was waiting for them.
- Tired of waiting, Rappo and Nathan made a teleportation circle around the group and sent them there, forgetting that Alistair had left all his gear in a chest for the ritual he had to go through. Alistair was annoyed, but still so pleased that Mystra was back that he didnt make a big deal out of it, just asked Grein to have his stuff sent by teleportation the next morning.

- Grein asked the party to try to find some information about black market trading. The ship Nitharos was almost repaired, but was missing one vital part, something that was looted right after it crashed.
- Vic asked around and found information about a black market dealer operating out of the ruins of Candlekeep, the dealer was called Hishi.
- Alistair used his Waterdhavian ties too pull some strings, and heard about a secret auction for nobles, but he deeded to donate something to get in, and his gear had still not arrived.

- Meanwhile, Rappo decided to explore Nitharos, hoping to find something that would help him understand the gauntlets he looted from the Mhyrian realm, however he was guided by an unknown sense towards the old room of Kningtar, Appunns “Bruslina”
- When he got there, he had a scary encounter with the Dracolich Haege, and he passed out when she mentioned it was Brusla’s old room
- Back at the camp, Alistair and Vic heard Rappo had gone in, and knowing he worships the Purple Drake feared the worst and ran in to look for him. Alistair went straight for Brusla’s room and dragged him out. But while Vic was searching through his bag, he encountered Haege, she asked him about Rappo, and if Vic knew anything about Brusla’s recent activities. Informing Vic that she believed Brusla has grander schemes than what might be apparent, and that he was no where near as evil as the other Eclypse members.
- Back outside, the party asked Nathaniel to try to spy on the Black Dawn, he agreed and shifted his appearance to that of a young cocky wizard apprentice, and took a Black Dawn mask from Vic. He would attempt go undercover as an enthusiastic apprentice seeking more power, having the mask as a souvenir. Alistair convinced Vic to help him enter the auction, and the two went to there.



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