Celakasiron, Victoria Priapurl

Daughter of Viclannan, Manager of Vic's tavern


Current manager of Vic’s.

Her unique appearance is said to be the most attractive in all Faerun, she has pale skin with rosy red cheeks, pointed ears like that of a half-elf.
Long blonde hair with a slight ginger tint, ice blue eyes, and two tiny horns protruding from her forehead.

She has placed a high ranking bounty to save her mother.
She promised she will sleep with who ever manages to complete it in addition to the reward stated on the bounty, 10% of Vic’s income as long as the Celakasiron family runs the place.

Although Pria is possibly the most sought after woman in all Faerun, no one has succeeded in the mission, though many have tried.

Pria’s Mother is Rhialla Celakasiron, her father is Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn.


Celakasiron, Victoria Priapurl

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