Alistair Kaltarren

Elf Duskblade


Alistair Storm was born in the year 1235 in the northern city of Waterdeep, he was born the bastard son of a mage and devout priest of the god Mystra (God of magic). When Alistair was born, his father kept him hidden from his guild as the act of fathering a bastard was frowned upon by the pious and noble of Waterdeep and would get him exiled. When Alistair was merely 10 his father sent him to live with his barmaid mother in the Dock Ward (Lowerclass area of Waterdeep), along with him he sent a sizable fortune so that he might get a proper education and return once he reached adulthood.

With his fathers fortune Alistair quickly became a popular figure in his neighborhood, with more money than he needed he started giving out money to friends and the most needy, he became known as the Saint of the docks. When he turned 50, his human friends started to age and die, but Alistairs giving nature had not dwindled and he quickly gained other friends that sought his money, some even moving from other wards just for the chance of earning a quick buck from this good willed samaritan. For Alistair the popularity had become a drug, his lifestyle was flushed with attention and praise, even though he saw through the petty lies of his “so called” friends, he continued giving them money, as a sort of business transaction; “My money for your friendship”. As time passed Alistair became more and more symbolic with his money, turning into a religious symbol for some, to accommodate this and make his fame even greater, Alistair started performing ceremonies when awarding gifts, he would inscribe his silver pieces with runes and would often whisper to them, for Alistair this was all a show for the crowd, something he had picked up on when observing his father enchanting holy artifacts.

1345 marked Alistairs 110th birthday, the day he finally became an adult and the day he had waited for, when he would finally return to his father with the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors. On the fateful day that Alistair would finally meet his father news came about a plague spreading through the sword coast, the city watch was on high alert and soon the magisters ordered the dock ward to be quarantined to prevent the plague spreading through trade and travel, in a desperate effort Alistair managed to blend in with a group of highborn elves heading for the castle ward before the gates closed. As he approached the gates he started to get more and more nervous and tense, as his stress level rose his hands started to glow a faint and ghostly red, one of the elves he was traveling with noticed this and rushed to accuse Alistair of having contracted the plague prompting the nearby guards to draw swords and the crowd to part. After a few minutes of yelling and threatening one of the guards started to move closer to Alistair, in a fit of fear and adrenaline, Alistair started to run towards the gate where the group of guards were stationed, as the first guard was about to tackle Alistair he suddenly became pale and paralyzed, unable to move just as he was about to strike, the other guards shunned in shock, unaware of what just happened Alistair continued the charge. As he came close to the last group of guards they started to raise their weapons, bracing for his arrival, when Alistair came rushing past them they were dumbfounded by their inability to hit this nimble Elf, it was as if they forgot how to swing their swords.

Alistair miraculously managed to escape into the darkness on the other side of the gate, after running for one hour straight, he started to calm down, as the adrenaline wore down Alistair soon realized what had just happened, he couldn’t fully understand it, but he could recognize magic when he saw it. Thinking he might be gifted with magic, Alistar became even more excited by the idea of joining his father in the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, he spent several days asking around the ward for his father, but noone seemed to know his name…

One Day he came across a halfling selling weapons outside a tavern, he was obviously not highborn and it was very rare for halflings to be allowed entry to the castle-ward but this one seemed very well dressed and well mannered. When Alistair inquired about the weaponry the halfling told him how the weapons were used by legendary warriors, some were still imbued with magical capabilities and some were wielded during historical battles, one in particular seemed interesting to Alistar, a longsword with an engraving of a sigil similar to the one used by his fathers guild. After some back and forth the halfling agreed on a price, low on coin due to his lifelong commitment to chivalrous deeds Alistar agreed to work for the halfling acquiring some merchandize from what he called “unsavory customers”, seeing this as an opportunity to learn more about his father’s whereabouts.

Alistair Kaltarren

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