Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 34 - The last Daughter

went to Veltalar in Aglarond

Tleks had a wierd experience with an illusion of his past, while talking to a lady in a red dress, he tried to warn himself of The Scout’s building getting destroyed

freed apprentice of The Simbul, Phaeldara

went to Escalant, learned of the Simbul’s location from Kaoth

went to Glarendar, met Mephael Toltharisan, and agreed to exchange Alassra (The Simbul) for another prisoner, Kaoth’s drow wife.

Tleks went back to Escalant, to find that Kaoth had killed his wife, he paid for their daughter and returned to Maphael

Phaeldara teleported the group back to Veltalar, where they freed The Simbul of her chains

went back to That-Place, where Tleks saw that The Scouts building was still there, he gained a stron headache, before a Child of the Black Dawn appeared, saying “Don’t f**k with tha mother f**king timelein, B**ch!” and popped a black hole on Tleks



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