Nitharos II: Dusk til Dawn
Book 2 of the Nitharos story is set in a heavily modified Faerûn from 4th Edition, basicly the map is the same, but all factons, cities, people, and lore is the DM’s own setting. Because of this, we will rely heavily on the Wiki.

New Faerun

Nitharos I: Nitharos Rising
This campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms (Faerûn), any players who wish to play a loremaster or some other class that has much knowledge of the world (bard, some wizards) should at least read some of the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting book, if you dont have it, you can borrow it from the DM.

Custom maps will be supplied for the immediate area in which the players are located, and some new towns or cities may or may not be created, these will be documented here.


The players have discovered an ancient race from the time of the Creator Races, known as the Destroyer race Mhiyr.

Mhiyrian Language

The Underdark

Drow Battlepits


Nitharos III: The Last Ritual Sabotender