Special Rewards

In all cases stated below, it is up to the DM!
Remember kids, the Dungeon Master is always right!

Bonus XP Events

  • Character Art (you can ask someone to make this for you, as long as it is your character)
    • Detailed Character Image (full body)
    • Custom Character portrait (head only)
  • Detailed back story
    • Childhood up to Adulthood
    • Adulthood until campaign start
  • Roleplay!
    • Performing actions that your character would
    • Speaking like your character would (you dont need to speak english, just act like he/she does)
    • Doing something that your character firmly believes in, even though the rest of the party doesnt want you to1
  • being creative
    • Creative use of skills
    • Creative use of spells
    • thinking outside the box2
  • Teamwork


  • Nemesis
    if you design a nemesis for your character, he or she MAY be included in the campaign, if he or she is, then the whole party will get bonus XP for encountering a nemesis.
  • Mentor
    if you design a mentor from your characters past, he or she may be contacted for help, this will result in an experience loss for the characters who use this help, but it will give advice to the campaign, gold, items, or other helpful stuff.
  • God is listening
    if your character is religious, he may receive divine support… but only if he prays regularly and follows the rituals stated by his or her god or goddess. Note, there is a huge difference between believing in a god, and believing you believe in a god!


1 = Does not count if the player does this on purpose just to get XP!!

2 = this is a role playing game, and as a DM i value creative thinking. There will be big bonus XP to someone who thinks in terms of Cause/Effect rather than the rules in the D&D books.
Tell me what you want to do, then lets find the rules for it later, if there are no rules, I will make some up and tell you what to roll.
Example: using spells on the “wrong” targets to cause an effect to happen that starts a chain reaction that ends up in all the monsters dying and all the heroes getting healed….
Example: the half-orc warlord wants to impress his clan, so he raises his axe and howls. At the same time the spellcaster casts “call lightning” on is half-orc friend. When the half-orc then succeeds the Fort Save… well lets just say its pretty damn impressive to his clan (this example really happened in my last campaign :D, we received a lot of bonus XP and an army of 30 orcs following us and calling the Half-orc “Gruumsh Incarnate”)

Special Rewards

Nitharos III: The Last Ritual Sabotender