Type Government funded guild
Founders Grein Dragonbeard
Mordred Lefey
Marya Silverflame
Yafaan Mirasan (died during castle raid)
Original Leaders Grein Dragonbeard
Marya Silverflame
Kairn Fourlegs
Jarck Farcall
Nathaniel Shadowmask
Former Leaders Grein Dragonbeard
Marya Silverflame
Nathaniel Shadowmask
CurrentLeaders Unknown
Headquaters Candlekeep
Member Peak approx. 2500 members
Current Members approx. 0 members
Important Members Yohan Maceberg (Dwarf fighter)
Irronis “Ironman” Cogwheel (Warforged barbarian)
Important Supporters King Garlen Faracos
Vaja & Elo
Duties Solving crimes
Upholding justice
Gathering Information
Protecting Faerûn

Epsilon is the guild that hired the players to stop the summoning of Agôn Mhiyr, they are allied with the Harpers.

Past Members

Epsilon is presumed to no longer exist, though the players current goal is to restart Epsilon

New Members

Tramul Tarmikos


Nitharos III: The Last Ritual Sabotender