Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 36 - A long awaited reunion

- Viclannan and Rappo met Alistair in Vics
- Grein and the Rising Sons asked the crew to go to the Portal to meet Tarmikos
- when meeting them they met "Rune"s new character and were asked to escort a sarcophagus to Starmantle to be sacrificed to Mystra
- they got half way

Session 35 B - The truth revealed
Meanwhile, at Vic's...

Meanwhile, at Vic’s, Rhialla seemed to be keeping more and more to her self. Vic was getting worried, so he descided to sneek around after her. He discovered there were secret meetings going on in the tavern. Rhialla was meeting with Gano, Grein, Jarlaxle, Kerry, Nathaniel, and Tarmikos, Tramul. They seemed to be discussing the future of the Epsilon faction, as well as how Allistair was doing. Grein seemed concerned about Rhialla too, and was asking how she was doing.

Later that night Vic found Rhialla undressed in their room (something unusual, as she had recently started covering up more and more), it was however, not a pleasant sight for Vic. Rhialla was crying, and her body was covered in what looked like black tattoos. At a closer inspection Vic saw the blackness moving underneath her skin. Vic pressed her on the matter, and she reminded him that this “ink” appeared when she was locked in stasis by Bruslina, and grew worse by the use of magic.

Vic finally used a sending to contact Bruslina, and was told that the “ink” curse was indeed his making. Bruslina also told Vic that she could cure it, but needed Vic to do something for her first. Bruslina told Vic to meet her representative outside the Harper Vault. Reluctant, Vic went to Jarlaxle and told him what had happened. Jarlaxle agreed to join Vic to the site.

Upon arriving outside the Vault, Vic and Jarlaxle saw a small tent and campfire, with a Dragonborn sat by. Caucious as always, Vic approached while invisible, the dragonborn seemed like he wasnt agressive though, and Vic revealed himself. The dragonborn introduced himself as Rappo Kningtar, follower of The Purple Drake.

They open a sealed scroll, a recorded message from Bruslina tells them to go to the Troll Mts. to bring back something from inside the caves, they will know it when they see it. If it is not there, they must get away as fast as they can.

Rappo teleports the group there, and they explore the caves. The caves are filled with Myconids and Blighters, as well as a beholder. Deep inside the caves they find out they are inside a giant corpse, there are huge bones sticking up, and they discovere what looks like a heart, except there is a big hole in it. What they came fore is obviously taken, so they charge out of the caves. On the outside they see a large group of Children of the Black Dawn riding towards them, so they flee as fast as they can north, to the town of Priapurl.

In Priapurl, Vic has some pleasant memories, as this was the town where he met Rhialla, and his daughter Victoria Priapurl, was concieved. The party rests here the night, and the next morning Rappo gets a message from a mysterious halfling. The message gives him coordinates to where he must take Vic, to they may get the cure for Rhialla.

Rappo teleports the group to the Raven keep, high atop the Orsraun Mts. They are greeted by an orc from the Redaxe tribe, who is obviously mind controlled in some way. They are escorted to the well in the middle of the keep, and Vic sees that it has been upgraded since the last time he was here. The well transforms into a staircase down, and the party decends. When facing the portal near the start of the dungeon, Rappo gets a message from Bruslina telling him to push Vic through the portal. Doing so, Vic emerges in the room where they fought the Mhyrian Spear guardian, Vic is also now face to face with Bruslina.

Bruslina told Vic and Rappo about the cure to Rhialla, not only that, but the cure would also be the weapon against the Children of the Black Dawn, and destroying Agon Mhiyr for good.
Rappo was in awe of his deity’s prescence, a little too much so Bruslina har to put him to sleep.
Rappo continued with Vic, telling him that he was sorry for what he did to Rhialla, but it was the only way to ensure that he had the full support of Viclannnan, and that the cure would work.
The final task Bruslina had for the duo, was for them to enter the spear and find it’s core, it’s heart and source of power, and bring it out.

Reluctantly, Vic agreed.

Inside the spear, Vic and Rappo saw abohorrant and wild magic all over the place, time distorted and wreaked havoc to everything. The weakest spots were the only safe passage, easily distinguished by its not-completely-ruined Mhiyrian architecture.

Fighting their way through to the core, they realised they were fighting Mhiyrian soldiers. Always in pairs, a large wolf like creature mounted by a spear knight. When dismounted the creature would transform into another knight, and they would fight back to back.

One such encounter forced a smile upon the team, despite the horrid surroundings and dire sittuation. A Mhiyrian duo was pushed off the safe path, the chaos magic storm transformed it into a huge twisted dragon, composed of lightning, crystals and pure chaotic energy. Just as Vic and Rappo were about to embrase their demise, the chaos storm struck again, and to their fortune, the dragon was transformed into a sheep, and fell to it’s death.

At the core of the spear’s world, a puzzle presented it’s self to them, and after solving it, they had a bright purple crystal in their hands. The world was collapsing, and Bruslina pulled them out. Together the three of them performed a ritual to save the crystal and some of the Mhiyrian items from crumbling to dust, and after a short rest Bruslina had developed a cure for Rhialla. He told them to leave, but he would stay in touch as he developed the weapon to finally end the war that had raged for far too long.

Session 35 - Old friends and enemies

Allistair saw that the old Khaltarren house had been converted into a military base for the newly founded Epsilon faction

learned that Starmantle was being turned into the Temple City of Mystra

a scout, Fluksen (Glefse), reported that Doltarric Khaltarren had been spotted near Starmantle

Allistair, Sidiras and Fluksen descided to head to Starmantle and see what they learned.

they were mightily impressed, and drank the night away with dwarven friends from Mythril Hall

They returned to That-Place, and descided to go to the Harper Vault to scour for magical items to sacrefice to Mystra.

While looting the dungeon, they happened accross the forgotten gear of the Creator Races, bellonging to the same legends that bore the 5 artifacts. Shortly after they met some of The Blue Doll’s guardian constructs, and she presented herself to them as a spider construct “It has been a long time, dont think I havent forgotten what you did to my toys”

After a fight, they managed to scare her off, but before leaving she said “I see you have improved, but I must depart now. Next time I will have more upgrades too, I look forward to meeting you again…. The Purple Drake sends her regards” and she launched her self off the bridge.

Fluksen dove after her, transforming into a Tyrannosaurus mid flight. He gave her a powerful chomp, chushing her entire form. She said “Nice move, I hope you are pleased, but this was just a shell, remote controlled. I am curious, how do you feel about fireballs?” and self destructed her head.

Fluksen transformed into a Pteradon, and flew back up to the party.

After sacreficing most of the items to Mystra, the team had managed to reform 63% of Mystra, and now Allistair felt he was ready to face his brother.

They all went back to Starmantle, and set out to track Doltarric.

They came accross the settlement of the Red Axe tribe of orcs, but found them slaughtered at Doltarric’s blade, all save a young orc child, whom they teleported to That-Place to be safe.

Proceeding on, they came to the Raven Keep, where they once found a Mhyrian artifact. They heared the rawrs of a dragon deep underground, and went in fast pursuit.

Navigating through the all too familiar dungeon, they finaly burst into a room and saw Doltarric head to head with a massive Copper Draggon, whom they knew was Bruslina.

Allistair, waiting for this moment, fired off a dragon slaying arrow, but was stopped by a mysterious woman in red, who protected the dragon.

After going head to head with the woman, Allistair recognised her as The Red Rose, though now she was a lich.

After a long fight with both lich and dragon, the party, together with Doltarric, finaly dispelled Bruslina’s magic and forced into halfling form.

Bruslina whispered “farewell my friend” and attacked Doltarric with her scythe, knowing well what his blade, Hewalosvir would do to it. As the scythe shattered, it’s spirit came free, an Avatar of Death, focused on Doltarric.

Bruslina brought forth a large purple crystal, and channeling magic into it, she stopped time momentarily. When time unfroze, she was gone.

With Bruslina gone, and Red Rose dead, Doltarric stood no chance against the combined strength of Fluksen’s TRex form and Sidiras’ magic and pet snake, and was quickly taken prisoner.

Back in That-Place, Allistair tried to interrogate his brother, learning only “You know nothing Allistair Storm. I was the only one who could stop the Children of the Black Dawn from bringing about the second dark sun. Do you have any idea what it’s like to grow up during the cataclysm, and the years after? I did what had to be done, not like som spoiled brat, hiding behind his allies”

Doltarric tried to escape, smudging the magic circle binding him, and ending up in a fist fight with Allistair. Allistair seemed to prove Doltarric’s point, as he beat his naked brother senceless (while himself still covered head to toe in magic gear)

After returning to Vic’s main hall, Allistair once again saw his old frined Vic emerge from a room, a large smile on his face. Obviously Vic had just gotten some action, either that or he was ready for adventure again…. probably both.

Session 34 - The last Daughter

went to Veltalar in Aglarond

Tleks had a wierd experience with an illusion of his past, while talking to a lady in a red dress, he tried to warn himself of The Scout’s building getting destroyed

freed apprentice of The Simbul, Phaeldara

went to Escalant, learned of the Simbul’s location from Kaoth

went to Glarendar, met Mephael Toltharisan, and agreed to exchange Alassra (The Simbul) for another prisoner, Kaoth’s drow wife.

Tleks went back to Escalant, to find that Kaoth had killed his wife, he paid for their daughter and returned to Maphael

Phaeldara teleported the group back to Veltalar, where they freed The Simbul of her chains

went back to That-Place, where Tleks saw that The Scouts building was still there, he gained a stron headache, before a Child of the Black Dawn appeared, saying “Don’t f**k with tha mother f**king timelein, B**ch!” and popped a black hole on Tleks

Session 33 - The Daughters of Mystra

went to Starmantle

“fixed” Alustriel

went to Mythril Hall

killed some rogue Many-Arrows

met with Bardu

went to Shadowdale

met the Myrian again

Session 32 - Sidiras' Report 1
To the Master of Sidiras (things written here might not be known by all the characters)

I have finally joined up with the elf Alistair, the harbinger Mystra. I managed to join up with him after scouting out a liar where one of his friends was kept prisoner. Together with a tengu called Tleks, we went into Thay to rescue this friend. Alistair was very sceptical of our entry into Thay, not being familiar with visas and normal entry customs, it would seams he thought that Thay was a place purely creating with the undead, and not the powerful country it is.
After arriving in Lyrabar we went up through the Gray Forest and into the mountains to find the Lair of a group of Children of the Black Dawn, who have taken this friend. We entered into what appeared to be an ancient mhyirian tomb, and fought with the summons of these Children, among them a glabrezu, which Alistair took out singlehanded.
After entering the actual tomb, which belonged to a person named Luan Phien, a Mhyirian of great power. After fighting our way through a magically rotating labyrinth we entered the inner chamber of the tomb and found the final resting-place of Luan Phien. Here we managed to awaken the lich of Luan Phien. Luckily we, through some good diplomacy, managed to avoid a fight with the lich. And we managed to retrieve the friend, albeit as an disembodied soul stuck in a crystal.
Through the dungeon Alistair showed parts of the godly powers caught inside of him. I am unsure if Alistair is able to communicate directly with Mystra, but I will try to inquire discreetly about it. Until your orders change I will continue to observe and watch over the elf, and try to find out more about his condition.
Your loyal servant.

Session 31 - An unlikely companion

After returning with Rhialla from Starmantle Alistair and Vic splits up when Vic decides to take back some lost family time and stay home in That-Place. Alistair is introduced to Nitharos, a remnant of the former Epsilon group that they worked with 200 years ago; it now consists of Jarlaxle, Grein, Tramul, Rhialla, Gano and Kerry. They Device a plan to find the Eclipse copycats called Children of the Black Dawn, a scout reported that one of their oldest members; Grein, had been kidnapped by the group and is probably located in Thay. After an incident with the scouts where their HQ got blown up by the copycats, Tleks is motivated by vengeance to join Alistair on his way to rescue Grein. Before they leave they take with them another scout, the same one that had found Grein in the first place, a Yuan-ti Hunter with a massive constrictor-snake companion. They all left together for Thay, after a couple of days at sea they arrive at a blockade at the Thay border, luckly the groups scout had prepared Visas for the group and they passed the blockade into Thay.

After the group makes landfall they head for the location where the Children of the Black dawn were last observed.

Session 29 - Prologue

The party is told to leave for That-place-we-liked and find Kaltarren, Armand.
When they leave they are greeted by Tleks Brupk and Kaltarren, Dorn.
They make it back to That-place and meet Armand who tell them more about what they need to do and how to do it. Vic goes to the biggest Pub in That-place incidently called Vic’s, when he enters he is told about the Pubs history and mystery, many people claim ownership over the bar but only the one true owner could open a safe placed in the bar. Proclaiming that he was the true owner he tried opening the safe, he managed to open it and found a rugged shoe and a letter inside telling him not to sleep with the barmaid. The puzzle fell into place for Vic as he realised that the barmaid was his daughter and that Celakasiron, Rhialla Dellaren is still alive but had recently disappeared. The party decides to take the bounty for returning Rhialla, but first Alistair witnesses the death of his old father Armand just after he transfers the essence of Mystra into him (returning his magical abilities to him).

Session 28 - Epilogue

The party leaves the underdark after the devestating news of Bruslina’s betrayal.
They get summoned to the battle against Agon Mhiyr
Through a vision they see Haege dead and Baldurs gate in ruins.
The Vic and Alistair are sent 200 years into the future.
They meet Tarmikos, Tramul and he explain what happened, Agon Mhiyr had gone on a rampage for a while before Mystra intercepted him, they fought and Mystra killed Agon Mhiyr but died aswell causing the spell weave to collaps and the spellplague to start.
Vic and Alistair see statues of themselves in the shrine they are in, putting them down is history as the heroes that tried to stop Eclypse.

Session 27 - Tower of Reflection
She did what?!?

Alistair Storm wakes up with a new mindset after the school trip and starts to work out more, waking up Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn in the process.

Seeing Allistar trying to learn sign language to his familiar, Appunns “Bruslina” Kningtar showed that it was simpler ways to give commands, this ended in a great discussion and vic ceased the opportunity to try out some new tricks, stealing a lot of materials from Bruslina and almost getting Allistars journal.

Making point of when they were supposed to do the heist the big hatted Jarlaxle
entered the door saying now.

As the scheduled meeting had proven to be at a different time, the heist had to happen now. The plan had changed greatly to Bruslinas confusion.

They get to the courtyard in a hurry and get into heist mode. Vic and Allistar fake their way to the backside of the guardhouse, Russlabb looking like a green wyrmling from Bruslinas spells just walks inn, and Bruslina entered the ethereal plane and got to the meeting point with no issues.

The ground slid appartant and it was revealed to be an secret entrance to the tower, the group entered this tunnel as Jarlaxle instructed. The ended up in an unused slave quarters. This was the place to escape from and Allistar and Russlab waited here to guard the exit.

Vic and bruslina started to climb the tower using a fancy levitate lift in the center and did not waste time getting to the treasure room.

It was a pit trap in the way, but having the ability to fly and climb on walls it was just bypassed. The door to the treasure room opened and faster than thought Vic stopped Bruslina from setting of a trap on the floor. Not so grandly Bruslina told that the room was covered in magic traps as well. There was an imp with an hourglass flying around the room mocking them so they got a touch of panic and hurried. After taking care of the traps, Vic marking the ones at the floor and Bruslina only putting them in a near death situation once, the imp proved only to be a timer you had to wait for to reach a mirror. In a split second Bruslina understood it’s use and got to it, after some of the paintings in the room showed to be guards waiting.

more text later ;P


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