Nitharos II: Dusk til Dawn

Session 6 - The talkative dog

The party wakes abruptly with water flooding into the room and the door being locked,
after some work the party manages to escape and make their way to the control room where they notice the staff of magus being gone and the forcefield turned off.
They make their way to the next floor where they face of against a powerful wizard and a revenant of Tarandithas who almost killes Brusla, the party defeats the revenant but the wizard escapes into a portal with the Staff, Bruslas dog Ruslab follows the wizard through the portal.
The party, distraught and tired tries to figure out the different control panels spread through the temple, after some fiddling they find out that the temple is actually an ancient ship.

They raise the ship through sheer force of luck and when they breach the surface they notice 20 enemy ships circling the debris of the dwarven ship they arrived in earlier. The group managed to fire the ships massive weapons and decimated the entire armada, in the aftermath two dragons appear in the horizon. The dragons swoop on deck and shapechange into Haege and Keradfespiks (Aka. Kerry), after some explanation they summon some Epsilon mages, along with Grein Dragonbeard. Ones the ship is settled the attention of the party sets in rescuing Ruslab, they manage to scry on the Mastiff and see him in a cage in the middle of a circular board room where 5 members of the enemy leadership reside, they also see the wizard, he is wearing the artifact cape and staff. After some help from Grein and the mages the party summons Ruslab, who now apparently can Talk… Grein explains to the party how the ship works and that it’s an ancient Batrachi ship, he believes that this could prove an excellent HQ for Epsilon after their old HQ at candlekeep got destroyed. With Haege at the helm they sail the ship, now named Nitharos, towards Candle keep, making sure to stop at Iron Keep to stock up on some supplies.

Session 5 - Into the blue

When getting ready to descend to the bottom of the ocean the ship is attacked by another ship nearing the same icon the trio have seen on the some of the papers they’ve found.

They get themselves into the diving bell while the dwarves defend the ship.

They descend 600 m down to the bottom of the ocean floor where they notice the huge temple they were sent to find.

They try entering the temple, and after figuring out the door system and getting inside they get attacked by two blue dwarves, when one of them gets badly hurt he turns into a wereshark

Vic finds a magical orb, kept it secret.

The battle went well. They searched the dungeon a bit more and brusla had to take a nap because of his earlier dissagreement with Alistair.

Vic and Alistair encounterd another wareshark. Found a map. Managed to figure out which rooms where most important.

Averyone took a nap. When they woke up they went to the first important room and Found the staff enclosed in a forcefield. There where three sockets, one contained an orb. They figured out it controled the dungeons power somehow.

They continued their search and found an empty room (vic pocketed a few artifacts). While searching the room Brusla detected a magical beeing closing in on them. They barricated themself in the room and where attacked by three dwarves and a tiefling.

Its a rough battle. A wareshark and a shark breaks one of the walls. and vic almost falls, but brusla aids him. Brusla impales the tiefling. The trio tries to save him in order to get information, but fails.

The the trio inserts the second orb. More lights turn on and the water is drained in the dungeon.

The heroes rest.

Session 4 - The adventure begins

Our intrepid heroes finally make their way to Iron keep through way of a humble fishing boat where they provided work for lodgings and safe travels. As they arrived at Iron keep the group split up to seek different services the city provided, Brusla was keen on getting his Mastiff armored to the teeth, so he spent better parts of the day finding a way to refit his Masterwork leather-armor to his animal companion. Alistair, sticking to his newfound tradition, spends the day preparing for the coming adventure, looking up local history and information, spending some coin on a map and a personal journal so he could write down his findings. Vic rushes to deliver one of the objects he was sent to smuggle into iron keep, a magical wand. He meets with the recipient of the wand, Bruneval Bronzebeard, in the basement of the city’s temple. Brusla, after inquiring about his business in the local bank and finding someone to make the mastiffs armor, went to the local tavern to continue training his faithful dog. After spending some time in the temple reading up on the local religion and traditions, Alistair went to the kings palace. When he arrived and provided his and his fathers name to receptionist, he was quickly rushed to the front of the queue to talk to Thoroar Bronzebeard, the king of iron keep. Talking to the king, Alistair was told that their journey was about to take a deepdive into the uncomfortable as they were tasked to retrieve one of the sacred artifacts hidden in a sunken temple under the sea, he was told that they were to set sail for the temple the next morning, before he left he was given 4 decrees from the king that would give them access to the city’s hospitality on the kings bill.

The group meets at the local tavern where Alistair shares the information he got from the king, he then gave each member a decree and told them what they were used for, he also gave one to Bruselas dog. Before calling it the day, Alistair bought some new equipment and Vic went to deliver the last package he was sent to smuggle, Brusla went to the marked to see if he could find anyone able to train his dog in swordfighting. Deciding not to go through with the delivery due to a lingering suspicion about the intent of the package, Vic went back to the tavern.
Brusla found a shapeshifter that helped him train his dog for free, after some jousting he went back to the tavern with his now battlehardened dog. They all take an early night to prepare for the journey ahead.

The next day dawns as our heroes awake and head for the royal docks where the ship set to take them to sea was stationed, the ship was a massive mechanical masterpiece unlike anything the group had ever encountered, and it was all controlled and made by the kings brother, Bruneval Bronzebeard. They were given a tour of the boat, Bruneval described how they would be using a diving bell to get down to the ocean floor and under-water breathing potions to help them enter the temple. As the ship undocked the group settled into their quarters aboard the ship, awaiting their arrival to the temple.

Session 3 - The golden rod and a floaty ninja

After some rest in the makeshift base the group had a meeting.

Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn gave us the idea of splitting up by sending Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar south to find the smugglers hide out, while he and Alistair Storm stayed in the small settlement, where Vic disguised as a guard and faked his job. Alistair went to the forest border to continue his research on nature, and had a minor victory by scaring off a wolf with a magic buff on his sword.

Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar’s dog Russlabb found a cave entry where Brusla talked with himself before the idea of echo came to his mind. He went into the cave to find some magical stones, after some brain pinching he figured out it was a teleportation circle and tried to work out its commands. portalunderstanding.png

After this success he went back to the settlement as he did not figure out the last word, the destination.

Back at the settlement Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn had done some ship inspection with bribes collected as a true proud guard, when one of the ship captains gave a lot more gold than anyone with the sniffles would not find interesting.

When Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar had returned he tried to slap himself to get in contact with Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn, this was unsuccessful since Vic had forgotten the snake around his neck and was to deep into his stealth exercise.

Alistair Storm was in a good mood and had found more herbs to use, and started his trip back to the guardhouse, still with his sword out as he did not want to waste the magic imbued in the sword.

Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn came back to the guardhouse where Brusla tried to get his dog to search for Vic, this gave him the opportunity to pull a prank, but it was not quite as good as first hoped. They went into the guardhouse and told each other about their findings and laid a plan. It hatched into robbing the captain that gave to much money in bribes, as it was a shorter distance to walk.

They left without Alistair Storm as they did not know the time he would return.
Lucky for Alistair he saw the others leave and followed them at a distance as they could be up to nothing good.

At the dock Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar started to make a lot of noise to get the attention of the captain while dressed as a guard captain, and Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn snuck into the boat.
This was a great success and Brusla even got some bribes out of it.

Alistair Storm used the oppertunity to talk with the locals and found us a way over to the Iron keep in some hours.

All members of the group met up in the guardhouse to figure out what Vic had found.
Alistair Storm and Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar was not impressed by the scroll that was found, but Vic tought of it as important and read it to the group after some deep concentration as the text was almost floating out of his head while reading it.
Vi har kommet oss ned, vi får hjelp fra andre, Tarandithas er på plass

The group did not think much of this but noticed the symbol.
They wanted more information and set out a plan to get the captaint into the guardhouse.
Not a great success, they got the captain to the house but he attacked as soon as the bluffing started. They managed to beat him to unconsciousness and put him inn a cell to interrogate, the captain laughed at this and said “Fools you can not stop him, the black eye is coming!”, and died to some magical reason.

The group is now ready to take the fishing boat Alistair Storm found to Iron keep.

Session 2 - Laying down the guards and maidens

First day.

Alistair spent the better part of the day gathering information for the trip

Brusla spent a lot of time training the dog to use magic

Vic picked up his armour and bought a rapier.

On his way home from the library Alistair started feeling sick. He went to an herbalist and bought some herbs.

Vic decided to train on quick drawing and found a suitable location at the tavern, where he fought ten imaginary orcs. However, the innkeeper heard the commotion and called the guards. After a close escape he returned to the tavern for food and drinks and to hit on the barmaid.

In the tavern Brusla met his friends from the night before. Naturally lots of drinks were involved.

After dark Alistair started to worry that his two companions wouldn’t be able to get up in time the next morning in order to get on the boat to Iron Keep. He managed to get a ridiculously drunk Brusla to bed but failed doing the same for Vic, who was dead set on bedding the maid.

Vic spent the night enjoying the innkeeper’s daughter’s… hospitality.

Second day.

Before leaving for the boat the next morning Vic went to the thieves guild to pick up the wares he’d agreed to smuggle

The trio managed to be late for the boat and, after sending a flare in order to try to stop it, were halted by the guards and questioned. Vic told them they were on a critical mission for Epsilon and that it was of the utmost importance for them to get on the boat.

They were asked to join the guards in the local guard house. Vic and Brusla waited outside. The captain told Alistair that a small walk outside of town there were a few smugglers who might be able to get them to Ironkeep and pretended to give him a few items to trade with them. However the captain used the opportunity to attack.

Alistar went down but Brusla and Vic saved the day. When searching the place, Vic found a note that said " Epsilon knows where the artifacts are. We have to find them before they do". There were also a strange symbol on it. Vic and Apans interrogated the surviving guard and Alistair read some of the documents in the captains office. During the interrogation they found out that the captains name was Tora Kalnari and that he goes to Caer Callidyr every Wednesday. The documents seemed to be a registry of some shady transactions. The Captain was most likely corrupt.

The trio barricaded themselves in the guard house for the night.

Session 1 - Long nights and salty fish

players attending: Alistair Storm, Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar, Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn

  • went through portal
  • rented room at The Port Crevice
  • City stuff
    • Vic and Brusla purchased rations for their journey
    • Vic ordered an upgrade for his armor
    • Brusla visited the library
    • Brusla trained his dog
    • Alistair gathered information about reaching Iron Keep
    • Alistair meditated on his magic abilities
  • Evening
    • Brusla became friends with smiths from Icewind Dale… then got waisted
    • Vic robbed a mansion
    • Alistair “contacted” the local authaurities
    • Vic contacted the local thieves guild
    • Alistair met Brusla’s familiar
    • Alistair and Vic attempted to grab a bear together, but Brusla interupted them
    • Vic toyed with Brusla’s snake, tried to put it down Brusla’s pants
    • Vic read the parchment that was in their room, but ignored it, using it as a quilt for the snake
Prologue - The rogues of Waterdeep

players attending: Alistair Storm, Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar, Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn

After searching long for his father, Alistair Storm was about to give up, when he spotted an unusual merchant hawking his wares. Alistair noticed an odd sword hanging at the back, it seemed remarkably similar to the one used by his father, even the logo engraved on its side was the same. The Merchant however, only seemed to raise his price the more he asked about it, after weeks of returning to try again, the Merchant finaly gave in, “If you help me with this task I have, then you can have the sword”. Eager to follow any lead on his father, Alistair agreed.

This is a dull week, Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn thaught to him self, sat by the bar of The Lost Wayfinder. Jorge was at the bar as usual, polishing glasses. It was indeed a dull week, almost no game for the rogues of Waterdeep. Most nobles and commoners alike were charging up for the new years celebration. Its the last day of the year, and Vic had about as much gold as he had when he arrived in Waterdeep… in otherwords nothing.

He was grumbling over his pint when an elderly gentleman, dressed all in white, entered the tavern beside a priest, Deneir by the looks of it. They were smiling, talking as if friends. “Let me buy you some wine my friend, and cover Your room” the priest said. “The wine i will accept, but there is no need to cover my room Jorah!” the man in white said. “Oh I insist!” the priest replied, “It is the least i can do for such a sizable donation as you gave”

Now that caught Vic’s attention… It hadnt been to church in years.

On the night of the new year, Alistair recieved word from his merchant “friend” that his services were needed, and to meet near the Church of Deneir. The merchant, Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar, had arrived with two shovels, and a smile on his face.

“Where is that blasted donation!” Vic grumbled to himself. He had come in through one of the windows, dressed in a priest’s robes, with Deneir’s Eye and Candle on his chest. He had serched all the closets and drawers, every nook and cranny, there was nothing of value to be found, save a goblet and a few coins. Sliding some tables around looking for a hidden stash, he noticed voices outside and froze. He carefully snuck up to the closest window to see an elf and a halfling carrying shovels into the tomb out back. “Intruiging… i Wonder what they are going for”. Sneaking out the window again, he decided to follow.

Down in the crypts Brusla casually slides the lid off a coffin. “Unnamed” he yells to Alistair as he reads the name Khori Brumskakk on its side. He grabs a femur and three spine links, before he hears someone coming down the stairs. Alistair hears it too, and readies his weapons as he moves away from the coffin of a Jori Maltari.

The priest descends to the bottom of the stairs, but before Vic can say anything, Brusla interupts with “And there I was, thinking we could work in peace down here!”
“I beg your pardon? no one is supposed to be down here now, what are you doing here?” Vic responds, trying his best to stay in character.

“I am a crypt cleaner, and this is my guard” the hafling says, convinsing even himself. Agitated by the presence of a potential threat, Alistair draws his sword and asks “But tell me, why are YOU down here?”, Viclannan turns slightly so he can see the both of them, and flashes out both his daggers from under his sleeves. “I was in the church praying, when I saw you come down here, but fine, I will let you work”

Weary that these people might actually be who they say they are, Viclannan decides not to push his luck, and starts up the stairs again. “Wait!” Brusla yells, “While you are here, would you mind accompanying us to the back room, I need to clean in there too, and you can check that the weapons and treasures of the departed are still safe” he teases, knowing that the priest is not who he claims to be.

  • fought the ghost of Pallus Graybeard
  • med with Willfyre Tarmikos
    • Mats got Arrested for cursing a herbalist
    • Lars had to Escape guards after attempting to rob a random person, hid in a Jewelry store… that he then robbed
    • Jonas bought a mastiff puppy, then sold some random weapons, and a bone
  • the players were introduced to Three members of Epsilon, and informed of their quest to stop the summoning of Agôn Mhiyr

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