Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 12 - White feather

The group decimates the goblins and sets up their own camp.
They then head towards Iriaebo.
Arriving at Iriaebo they take refuge in a local Inn.
Alistair recieves an annonymous message warning the group to stay off the roads.
They gather some information before they leave.

Session 11 - Pink pubes and torn faces

They ride for a while, sees nothing but wildlife. Huge rats amongst other things.

After a long days ride they encounter an ogre ravaging through a toppled caravan. While the group discusses heir strategies they are spotted and the ogre attacks. After making the ogre rip his own face of with a combination of acid and ice, the group loots the caravan. Amongst other things Vic finds a signet ring which he puts on.

Before the travellers leaves they see that Vic has pink hair. Everyone is confused.

They travel a long distance with no complications but suspect they are being followed.

At midnight they camp at a crossroad. They are attacked by a group of gnolls. The fight goes well. Everyone except alistair, who is awakened by a pack of wolves eating the dead gnolls, sleeps well through the night.

They get to the town of Elturel where they decide to sell some of their goods. Alistair suggests going to the guards and inform them of the raided caravan and the ogre. Brusla sees the signet ring and manages to figure that it amongst other things makes the wearer think it’s worth insane amounts of gold and that it turns hair pink.

Brusla suggests selling the ring and Vic “knowing” the rings worth thinks it’s a wonderful idea. However Vic is not pleased with the offers and refuses the last bid that landed on 2000 gp which results in fight between the trio. After a lot of back and forth they cleverly pries the ring out of Alistars hand, into a piece of cloth and sells it. The buyer walked away pinkhaired and smiling.

They continue on and encounters a goblin camp. Vic scouts it and they decide to attack.

Session 10 - Baldurs Gate

The heroes leave Harper island on-board Nitharos,
They spend their time wisely; Vic is shaken by his narrow escape with death and spends his time reading and studying, trying to figure out what had happened to him and how he could make sure it would not happen again. Alistair continues training; he uses his time to establish a morning routine that would allow him to stay prepared for any situation. Brusla spends an ungodly amount of time getting his spear acid proof, then got Kerry to imbue it with acid damage.

When they arrive at their first destination; the ruins of Candlekeep, there the group helps the harpers load Nitharos with the remaining supplies and man-power needed. The group together with Grein devises a plan that will allow the party to leave nitharos discreetly
and arrive at Baldurs gate so that they can travel the rest of the way on foot.
As they arrive at Baldurs gate under the cover of night, they meet Willfyre who lead them to a Tavern, they discuss their travels and the party promptly leaves after a good meal. They first go to purchase supplies for the travels before they head to the library, then they head for the stable. After purchasing 2 light horses and a pony, the party leaves Baldurs gate in record time.

Session 9 - Into the void

The party arrive at the Harper island, while they wait for Nitharos to finish loading they explore the small island town, Brusla finds the blacksmith and starts making improvements on Alistair’s and Vic’s weapons, he sharpens them and inscribes them, giving them all distinctive names. Vic goes lurking in the towns temple, a huge pyramid like structure that the harpers used for training, he finds a large floating crystal in the middle of the entrance room that he feels like touching. Leaning over the bottomless pit that is under the crystal Vic tries to touch the crystal, he overreaches and falls into the pit and down a mysterious vortex, a guard sees him falling and starts panicking.

While on an exploratory trip Alistair finds the distraught guard in the temple and he explains that a hooded tiefling fell into the vortex, Alistair immediately runs to find help, he meets the guard captain Elrin Banefist who together with Grein makes their way back to the Temple to asses the situation. After some analyzing Grein manages to scry on Vic and he can see that he is trapped in the void, stuck between planes. Getting Vic out was no easy fix and required the help of many mages and Alistairs father Armand Kaltarren, who had made several copies of himself to help in the ritual to bring Vic back. With some help they manage to pull Vic out of the Void, but in doing so they also brought a Void walker into the room, a great and fearsome beast, after a epic fight the voidwalker is slain. The party gathers for a rest before they leave.

Session 8 - The dusty pillow and the drug addict

Our Heroes are aboard Nitharos.

Brusla wants to get his spear coated with acid.

Vic goes on a treasure hunt. Gets keen rapier.

Alistair tries to sleep and has a crazy dream where he fights his dad. Starts friendly, gets more serious as time goes by. Meets himself with fangs.

Vic trains with alistairs father and gets information on how to to get magical abilities.

Brusla tries to see through his dogs and his own eyes the same time.

Alistair spends some time interpreting his dream. Drawing what he saw.

Alistairs interrupts Vics training and fights his father. He goes all inn, but gets his ass thoroughly kicked.

Vic puts a fine layer of fingoxx on alistairs pillow.

Brusla eats a ton of coffee to get more sells. Finds alistair at the medbay.

Vic is training and reading in is room.

It turns out that alistair has been under the influence of the drug he unwillingly tried a day ago and gets detoxed.

Brusla and a medic investigates alistairs room and finds his pillowed covered with Fingoxx.

When alistair recovers, he goes to Vic and after a bit of convincing they go to the training room to train on tactics.

Alistairs has a heart to heart with his father. It turns out that his father was involved with the enemy guild until he found out they had very evil intentions.

Session 7 - A bag full of Fingoxx

Our Heroes arrive at Iron keep after a days travel on their new HQ ship Nitharos, they only stayed for a short while for Epsilon to resupply and start building up Nitharos as their new HQ. The party pay their respects to the King of Iron keep, Thoroar Bronzebeard, after the loss of his brother the king is in mourning. Vic goes to visit the local thieves guild in the city, the same one he had visited last time he was in Iron keep. When he came to their front, a flower shop, Vic immediately sensed that something was awry, he ventured into the hidden lair of the thieves guild and found two dead bodies, both of whom were rigged to explode when touched, Vic merely escaped with his life but the bomb attracted the attention of the local guards, and Vic was apprehended and thrown into jail on suspicion of being an accomplice. Grein had to bail Vic out and make sure he got out safe, before freeing him Grein casted a truth spell on Vic and forced him to talk about his background in thievery and his business with the thieves guild.

Later that day Vic and Alistair went to the marked for some sparring practice, but Vic goes into a trance and started thinking of Alistair as a monster that he had to fight, Vic lost the fight and was knocked unconscious. When he woke up he purchased some Fingoxx from a local dealer in the hopes of lightening the mood and providing some payback, during their second attempt at a sparring duel Vic blows some of the Fingoxx in Alistair’s face making Alistair experience a high unlike anything he had ever experienced. The next morning the group woke up, Vic in a pile of snoring and half naked people and Alistair in his tent, he had slept for the first time in his life (Normally he only enters a trance).

After helping to move crates and supplies from iron keep to Nitharos they all boarded and left for the Harper Island, their next stop on their journey to find the second artifact.

Session 6 - The talkative dog

The party wakes abruptly with water flooding into the room and the door being locked,
after some work the party manages to escape and make their way to the control room where they notice the staff of magus being gone and the forcefield turned off.
They make their way to the next floor where they face of against a powerful wizard and a revenant of Tarandithas who almost killes Brusla, the party defeats the revenant but the wizard escapes into a portal with the Staff, Bruslas dog Ruslab follows the wizard through the portal.
The party, distraught and tired tries to figure out the different control panels spread through the temple, after some fiddling they find out that the temple is actually an ancient ship.

They raise the ship through sheer force of luck and when they breach the surface they notice 20 enemy ships circling the debris of the dwarven ship they arrived in earlier. The group managed to fire the ships massive weapons and decimated the entire armada, in the aftermath two dragons appear in the horizon. The dragons swoop on deck and shapechange into Haege and Keradfespiks (Aka. Kerry), after some explanation they summon some Epsilon mages, along with Grein Dragonbeard. Ones the ship is settled the attention of the party sets in rescuing Ruslab, they manage to scry on the Mastiff and see him in a cage in the middle of a circular board room where 5 members of the enemy leadership reside, they also see the wizard, he is wearing the artifact cape and staff. After some help from Grein and the mages the party summons Ruslab, who now apparently can Talk… Grein explains to the party how the ship works and that it’s an ancient Batrachi ship, he believes that this could prove an excellent HQ for Epsilon after their old HQ at candlekeep got destroyed. With Haege at the helm they sail the ship, now named Nitharos, towards Candle keep, making sure to stop at Iron Keep to stock up on some supplies.

Session 5 - Into the blue

When getting ready to descend to the bottom of the ocean the ship is attacked by another ship nearing the same icon the trio have seen on the some of the papers they’ve found.

They get themselves into the diving bell while the dwarves defend the ship.

They descend 600 m down to the bottom of the ocean floor where they notice the huge temple they were sent to find.

They try entering the temple, and after figuring out the door system and getting inside they get attacked by two blue dwarves, when one of them gets badly hurt he turns into a wereshark

Vic finds a magical orb, kept it secret.

The battle went well. They searched the dungeon a bit more and brusla had to take a nap because of his earlier dissagreement with Alistair.

Vic and Alistair encounterd another wareshark. Found a map. Managed to figure out which rooms where most important.

Averyone took a nap. When they woke up they went to the first important room and Found the staff enclosed in a forcefield. There where three sockets, one contained an orb. They figured out it controled the dungeons power somehow.

They continued their search and found an empty room (vic pocketed a few artifacts). While searching the room Brusla detected a magical beeing closing in on them. They barricated themself in the room and where attacked by three dwarves and a tiefling.

Its a rough battle. A wareshark and a shark breaks one of the walls. and vic almost falls, but brusla aids him. Brusla impales the tiefling. The trio tries to save him in order to get information, but fails.

The the trio inserts the second orb. More lights turn on and the water is drained in the dungeon.

The heroes rest.

Session 4 - The adventure begins

Our intrepid heroes finally make their way to Iron keep through way of a humble fishing boat where they provided work for lodgings and safe travels. As they arrived at Iron keep the group split up to seek different services the city provided, Brusla was keen on getting his Mastiff armored to the teeth, so he spent better parts of the day finding a way to refit his Masterwork leather-armor to his animal companion. Alistair, sticking to his newfound tradition, spends the day preparing for the coming adventure, looking up local history and information, spending some coin on a map and a personal journal so he could write down his findings. Vic rushes to deliver one of the objects he was sent to smuggle into iron keep, a magical wand. He meets with the recipient of the wand, Bruneval Bronzebeard, in the basement of the city’s temple. Brusla, after inquiring about his business in the local bank and finding someone to make the mastiffs armor, went to the local tavern to continue training his faithful dog. After spending some time in the temple reading up on the local religion and traditions, Alistair went to the kings palace. When he arrived and provided his and his fathers name to receptionist, he was quickly rushed to the front of the queue to talk to Thoroar Bronzebeard, the king of iron keep. Talking to the king, Alistair was told that their journey was about to take a deepdive into the uncomfortable as they were tasked to retrieve one of the sacred artifacts hidden in a sunken temple under the sea, he was told that they were to set sail for the temple the next morning, before he left he was given 4 decrees from the king that would give them access to the city’s hospitality on the kings bill.

The group meets at the local tavern where Alistair shares the information he got from the king, he then gave each member a decree and told them what they were used for, he also gave one to Bruselas dog. Before calling it the day, Alistair bought some new equipment and Vic went to deliver the last package he was sent to smuggle, Brusla went to the marked to see if he could find anyone able to train his dog in swordfighting. Deciding not to go through with the delivery due to a lingering suspicion about the intent of the package, Vic went back to the tavern.
Brusla found a shapeshifter that helped him train his dog for free, after some jousting he went back to the tavern with his now battlehardened dog. They all take an early night to prepare for the journey ahead.

The next day dawns as our heroes awake and head for the royal docks where the ship set to take them to sea was stationed, the ship was a massive mechanical masterpiece unlike anything the group had ever encountered, and it was all controlled and made by the kings brother, Bruneval Bronzebeard. They were given a tour of the boat, Bruneval described how they would be using a diving bell to get down to the ocean floor and under-water breathing potions to help them enter the temple. As the ship undocked the group settled into their quarters aboard the ship, awaiting their arrival to the temple.

Session 3 - The golden rod and a floaty ninja

After some rest in the makeshift base the group had a meeting.

Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn gave us the idea of splitting up by sending Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar south to find the smugglers hide out, while he and Alistair Storm stayed in the small settlement, where Vic disguised as a guard and faked his job. Alistair went to the forest border to continue his research on nature, and had a minor victory by scaring off a wolf with a magic buff on his sword.

Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar’s dog Russlabb found a cave entry where Brusla talked with himself before the idea of echo came to his mind. He went into the cave to find some magical stones, after some brain pinching he figured out it was a teleportation circle and tried to work out its commands. portalunderstanding.png

After this success he went back to the settlement as he did not figure out the last word, the destination.

Back at the settlement Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn had done some ship inspection with bribes collected as a true proud guard, when one of the ship captains gave a lot more gold than anyone with the sniffles would not find interesting.

When Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar had returned he tried to slap himself to get in contact with Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn, this was unsuccessful since Vic had forgotten the snake around his neck and was to deep into his stealth exercise.

Alistair Storm was in a good mood and had found more herbs to use, and started his trip back to the guardhouse, still with his sword out as he did not want to waste the magic imbued in the sword.

Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn came back to the guardhouse where Brusla tried to get his dog to search for Vic, this gave him the opportunity to pull a prank, but it was not quite as good as first hoped. They went into the guardhouse and told each other about their findings and laid a plan. It hatched into robbing the captain that gave to much money in bribes, as it was a shorter distance to walk.

They left without Alistair Storm as they did not know the time he would return.
Lucky for Alistair he saw the others leave and followed them at a distance as they could be up to nothing good.

At the dock Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar started to make a lot of noise to get the attention of the captain while dressed as a guard captain, and Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn snuck into the boat.
This was a great success and Brusla even got some bribes out of it.

Alistair Storm used the oppertunity to talk with the locals and found us a way over to the Iron keep in some hours.

All members of the group met up in the guardhouse to figure out what Vic had found.
Alistair Storm and Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar was not impressed by the scroll that was found, but Vic tought of it as important and read it to the group after some deep concentration as the text was almost floating out of his head while reading it.
Vi har kommet oss ned, vi får hjelp fra andre, Tarandithas er på plass

The group did not think much of this but noticed the symbol.
They wanted more information and set out a plan to get the captaint into the guardhouse.
Not a great success, they got the captain to the house but he attacked as soon as the bluffing started. They managed to beat him to unconsciousness and put him inn a cell to interrogate, the captain laughed at this and said “Fools you can not stop him, the black eye is coming!”, and died to some magical reason.

The group is now ready to take the fishing boat Alistair Storm found to Iron keep.


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