Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 24 - Into the dark

After the Pyrrhic victory at the Harper vaults, the party make haste for the next and last artifact located in the Underdark; to get there they must first go to Montolio’s Grove through way of the shadow plane. They make their way through the shadow plane with the assistance of Nathaniel, once at the cove they shack up in a cabin for a short rest before they venture further; in the cabin Bruslina has one of her strange and disturbing dreams.

The party venture from the Temple, through a hidden door, into the dark clutches of the underdark. They travel deep into the dark, eventually they stumble upon a Myconid mushroom city, taking care to not step on anyone/anything they travel onwards, pressing even deeper into the dark.
After some traveling, they meet Jaraxle a Bergan D’aerthe agent sent to meet them and bring them to the location of the shield. He and Nathanial guide the group to Menzoberranzan; the drow city where the shield is located. Before entering the city, they are given a disguise to make sure they don’t attract any unwanted attention.

They are told about a Bregan D’aerthe safe house that they should travel too and await further instructions, but before that, they were advised to go to a black market vendor and get some false envoy papers to help their cover. While at the vendor, the party stocks up on supplies and equipment before heading to search for the safe house.

After some back and forth and suspicious looks they finally find the safe house, they lay down for a quick nap before continuing.

Session 23 - Epic battle, and some booty looting

After waking up the group starts the day as usual, Bruslina waking up before set the stage for a great prank, where Vic ended up with wings. This later showed itself to be very helpful.

The door to the vault blew open as the evil group had managed to enter the vault and steal the two artifacts residing inside.

It became and all out battle between Epsilon/Harpers and Eclypse where Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn whooped ass with his spell holding daggers, Alistair Storm wrecked havoc on the poor undeads, and Appunns “Bruslina” Kningtar had to retreat for some healing after getting targeted by the enemies mage.

Eclypse managed to get away with the artifacts, but Appunns “Bruslina” Kningtar and Keradfespiks gave chase to the enemies werewolf beast, almost killing it, Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn gave chase to the doll. and killed it (not really, as the head later escaped =( ).

Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn saw a humongous creature/person in the forest the enemies had escaped to. Believed to be the last leader of the Eclypse.

After the giant battle the group chilled somewhat and Vic got some sweet time with Rhialla. The group found out the enemies scy on Russlabb, even tough Bruslina tought this was impeccable not to allready know as they had used Russlabb to scy on the enemy, and Bruslina told that she tought that was one of the reasons they were not with the main group for most of the time.

Vic, Rhialla and Bruslina decided to loot what was left of the vault and got some fancy items.
Allistar also got some items from Nathaniel as he is not the looty type.

Bruslina gave Vic a luck blade and told the were even, bluffing somewhat of course.

The group is now headed for a holy city to get the last artifact as the enemy soon has them all.

Session 22 - Burning hot vixen

The group abruptly find themselves at the top of the entrance to the dungeon. Maya is there screaming in rage over her broken domination spell. She was clearly not expecting that the group would break free from her spell so soon because she was quickly taken care of. Not in the good way btw…

Six griffin riders comes flying in. They are greeted by the smell of Mayas charred remains and our four companions. After explaining to the riders the most important things of what has happened the last few days they go to Starmantle to sell their loot.

Much because of Bruslina’s prowess in trading, selling their loot in Starmantle turns out to be even more lucrative than the party could ever have hoped for. After getting rid of some of the random armours and weapons they found along the way they head up to the Mage tower to identify a few objects, get rid of the dragon carcass and sell a few gem stones. Both the gems and the dragon carcass brings in a great deal of money.

One of the items Vic managed to get a hold of turned out to be an object of immense power, especially for those of an orcish heritage and/or having an affliction against elves. Vic is offered a staggering 100 000 GP for the item, but Brusline makes it painstakingly clear that the object is not for sale by threatening Vic on his life. Vic understands that there is something strange/special going on and agrees to give it to Brusline in exchange for a small settlement. Brusline is ecstatic, Vic can’t believe he just turned down 100 000 and Alistair who happened to see parts of the discussion going on in abyssal is beyond confused. Even more so when Bruslina suddenly flees from the building.

Bruslina lays low while Vic and Alistair finish their business. Vic picks up a few magical items he thinks will come in handy and Alistair buys a brand new full plate armour set and a Sunblade.
After everyone has taken care of their business the griffin riders fly the party out into a dessert. It turns out there is a vault out there under the command of the Harpers containing artefacts they deem too dangerous for the world. The group gets guided through the vault by a gigantic guard construct whom also doubles as a key. He takes them to a very secure room where some of the other artefacts they have been hunting are kept along with probably the last “living” remnants of the creator races. They leave the spear in the vault and gets some well-earned rest out in the desert.
Achievement: first kill of the enemy.

Session 21 - Unravelling of the mind

For the readers who are also players in this campaign. This log entry and the previous one, are part of a “summer campaign”, the players were playing different characters in a different world. However, without them knowing, it is still part of the Nitharos Rising story, so please do not skip these entries.

Day three

Alaeron wakes up with a goal, if he is to enjoy this vacation, he must first solve the mystery, he heads to breakfast determined. Nick wakes, he goes to the diner for food, he spots Alaeron however, and decides its wiser to eat in his room. Allen and Russel eat breakfast together in The Drunken Dragon (The Other Bar) and clean the bar.

Soon after breakfast the door knocks at Allen’s tavern, Alaeron is outside, he wants to borrow Russel, find Viduc, then the peace circus and hunt down the murderer. Allen agrees and showes Alaeron his mirror, the writing “All Lies!” still there. He rushes to his room to gather his old adventuring gear, some light armor and a longspear, before locking up the bar and going out to join the party.

Together they head up to the hotel to inform them that Allen wont be working today, the meet Nick and discover that he didnt know about the other murders, together the four of them head to the docks in search for Viduc. On the way Allen discoveres an old oak tree opposite his tavern…strangely he cant recall ever seeing it before.

Allen sneaks over to the tree, pretending he needs to take a leak. He discoveres a heart carved on the side. The others, wondering where he went, head over looking for him. On their way away from the tree, Alaeron slaps it with his sword, and immediatly hears a voice in his head, “NOT REAL!” it yells.

After much discussion, Allen says “screw this!” and touches the tree, in a short flash he sees things through Alaeron’s eyes. Alaeron, now even more annoyed than before, charges the tree and bounces off, but not before seeing things through Nick’s eyes for a short moment.
They all notice Maya walking towards the tavern, and she nocks on the door. Allen heads over and starts to talk with her. As he leaves, Alaeron urges Russel to touch the tree, as he is the only one who seems outside whatever connection the others have. Russel touches the tree and starts screeming, he falls over in pain, yelling and yelling as he turns into a werewolf.

Alaeron, who has a little history with lycanthropes, attempts to calm him down. Allen locks Maya in the tavern, and together with Nick, the two of them play a soft bardic tune to help calm Russel. After a short while Russel gains controll, and shapechanges into a wolf. Still able to talk, he explains his past to them:

“As a child, I was a slave, not metaphoricly, I was an actuall slave. My owners kept me in their kennels, living with the dogs, treated as one. When i grew older they decided to ‘gift’ me with this curse, used me for entertainment and gambling in illigal arena fights. I managed to escape, thats when i came to this island and joined the employment of Allen”

Allen comforts Russel, and tells him that no matter his nature, he is still a friend and welcome in his tavern. He then runs of because he only has one thing on his mind… he locks himself in his tavern with Maya and the two enjoy a romantic meal…. with a happy ending….

Alaeron fetches the local wizard-for-hire Chikor, and gets him to investigate the tree with divination magic. Chikor proves useless, and sugests that they simply burn the tree, or send it to another place. Alaeron however, attempts to communicate with it to no avail. Asking his deity, Mystra, for guidance, he hears her voice in his head, but she is angry. Mystra tells Alaeron that she is not his god! He has another, she leaves him and he loses his connection to her. As a paladin, this devastates Alaeron, and he collapses in fear and panic. Nick rushes over to try to calm him.

Soon, Corlina comes running down the street, yelling that her husband Roctar is dead! Alaeron and Nick rush over to their home to examine the corpse, while Allen hears the noise and invites Corlina in to calm her. After reaching the house the group finds little new information at the crime scene, so Alaeron reaches out and searches for whatever deity he apparently has. From the cryptic response he recieves, he understands that his true god is being cut off from him, he also learns that he is not who he thinks he is, he is in the wrong body! Again, this news breaks Alaeron, and he collapses to the floor in panic. Worried, Nick grabs hold of him and shakes him, this interaction causes them to exchange bodies.

NOTE at this point the DM asked the players to exchange character sheets.

Alaeron, now feeling very at home, his previous body (Nick) strange and distant. He decides to examine the body a sacond time, and finds blonde hair clutched in the corpse’s hand. Together they head towards the hotel. Allen, Corlina and Maya decide to head towards Volin’s house to make sure he is safe, they find him and take him to the guardhouse.

Meanwhile Alaeron wants to gather the town again, while Nick, remembering the feeling of being lost while he was the paladin, still doesnt feel at home in this body, so all he wants it to go to the hotell and get high on F^2. He does however agree to help find Allen first.

After puting Volin safely at the guardhouse, Allen, Corlina and Maya head towards the hotel where they meet Alaeron and Nick. They tell Allen everything, and before he has a chance to respond Nick grabs hold of Allen, causing them to change bodies.

Allen finaly feels at home in his true body, instead of the paladin or thief. While Nick wakes to a strange feeling of suddenly becoming more comfortable. The three of them turn to see Maya screaming in agony, the ground begins to shake and crack, even the sky shatters into peices.

The players are now told that this adventure was all part of a powerfull mind control spell, and they awaken in their true bodies as Alistair, Bruslina and Viclannan. (with Russel being Bruslina’s dog, Russlabb)

Session 20 - The Murder on Rose Island

For the readers who are also players in this campaign. This log entry and the following one, are part of a “summer campaign”, the players were playing different characters in a different world. However, without them knowing, it is still part of the Nitharos Rising story, so please do not skip these entries.

Day one

The boat slowed down near the docks, getting ready to tie up. It’s passenger eager to get his feet on dry land.
Alaeron steps off the boat, and heads towards the hotel as soon as he has his luggage.

After checking in and changing into something more comfortable, Alaeron goes down to the beach, there are a few people here, but Alaeron doesn’t want to take any chances loosing a chair, so he puts his towel and sandals on one, and goes for a swim. He feels like he owns the water, no one may swim here but him. Like a shark, he is the terror of the seas, at least until his stomach rumbles and he heads up to the hotel for dinner.

Meanwhile, the local bartender Allen is prepping the bar and the local band is getting ready to play. On the top floor of the hotel, art dealer Svans is on his balcony, he doesn’t notice the sinister figure sneak into his room.

Alaeron walks up to the hotel front, just as Svans’ body hits the ground. Alarmed and slightly annoyed, he immediately studies the body, and runs in to inform the hotel staff. Graff, the owner of the hotel, runs off to inform the local authority and church and gather the citizens of the island, while Alaeron gets keys to the victim’s room. He heads up and has a quick look around, he sees no signs of struggle, and also no signs of forced entry. However the bed proves it quite obvious that Svans was not alone last night.

When all are gathered in the dining room, Alaeron is preparing a short speech, when he notices one of the members of The Three Horns, the local band, is attempting to sneak out of the room. Alaeron stops him and begins to question him on his motiv… apparently he just needed to pee. Regardless, Alaeron decided to follow Nick, as his behaviour is highly suspicious. After they both returned, Alaeron held his speech informing the people of the murder, that guards from the mainland are on their way. He calmed them by saying the murderer would soon be found.
People soon started talking to each other, Alaeron sat down and ordered some food, listening to the banter of the crowd. Bartender Allen overheard Borgo and Roctar discussing Svans being a member of The Peace Circus, but thought noting of it.

Later that night the locals gathered in Allen’s own bar, the Drunken Dragon (nick named “the other bar”), for drinks. Maya and The Three Horns played their music to cheer people up, while Alaeron had gone to sleep in the hotel. During the night, Nick purchased some extra potent fingox from Allen, he calles it F^2. He also traded some information he had gathered about the Peace Circus.

Day two

Alaeron and Nick have a short discussion, before Alaeron decides to go for a swim. When Allen wakes he goes for a wash and notices the words “All Lies!” on his mirror, he checkes his tavern for intruders, but finds nothing. He then continues his day, visiting the local merchants to arrange for posters advertising his party later that night.

Nick, assuming he had permission, breaks into Svans’ room at the hotel, and searches it for clues. Meanwhile, Alaeron is finished with his swim, so he goes and checks the docks. Afterwards he heads to the hotel to examine the crime scene, where he catches Nick!
He tells the hotel’s receptionist Mina to fetch the local guard Viduc, so that he might arrest the burglar. On arrival, Viduc notices blood in the bedroom, and flour by the door. He then arrests Nick for breaking and entering and escort him to the local jail, where he is stripped and bound to prevent the use of spells.

Presuming the flour belonged to the chef, Alaeron and Viduc head to speak to Chef Borgo, but find him dead in his bed. Alaeron gets really anoyed, he states that he was supposed to be on vacation and heads to the bar to drink the problems away, he is soon carried to his room by Russel.

Later on in the day, everyone goes to The Other Bar for Allen’s party, Maya helps him out with entertainment and managing the bar. Nick is released from jail, and goes to his room to take some F^2. Alaeron wakes and heads to Allen’s tavern to interrogate a few people, he quickly discovers that Borgo and Roctar were also members of the Peace Circus, and their best friend was Drummer. Alaeron informs Roctar that the Peace Circus is being targeted and they should gather to be safe and perhaps figure out who is after them. Alaeron then goes back to the hotel to find Drummer.
Allen notices that Roctar gathers Volin and Corlina before they leave together.

Alaeron reaches Drummer’s room at the hotel to find him dead, cut to pieces. He leaves immediatly and asks the reception who else was at the hotel. He is told that the owners daughter was in her room, the maid Adrina was cleaning the kitchen, since it’s Borgo’s day off. Alaeron rushes to Nick’s room to find him high on drugs, heavily displeased, Alaeron knocks him out.

Alaeron goes back to the bar in search for the Peace Circus, but they are not there. He hears from Allen that it was Roctar, Volin and Corlina that left. He also recieves their addresses before he goes to bed. After he leaves Allen starts selling “hangover herbs” to the remaining patrons, after which he flirst with Maya, the two of them sing and play music for a long while, before she gives him a kiss and heads for home.

Session 19 - a well deserved victory

After gearing up and having a rest the group moves on to find the artifact spear.

On their way through the dungeon, while furiously looking for a way forward, they stumble across a stone golem whom they proceed to brutally murder.

They find a hidden door leading to a huge open room with a throne occupied by a skeleton, when entering several skeletons raise from the ground and attack them, after a while the skeleton on the throne awakens and join in the fray, it does not take long before they release that the skeleton will prove a daunting adversary. After a long and winding fight the party figures out how the skeleton sustain its energy through the resurrection of skeletons. During the fight Vic touches one of the pillars in the room and starts floating towards to roof and into a statue head with an open mouth, fearing the imminent danger of his companion, Alistair sent his familiar Dulin to the roof to deliver a teleportation spell, landing him in safety on the hallway roof.

After killing the skeleton king, the party moves the throne to reveal a hidden door leading to a small shrine room with one solitary statue in it. When they move closer they breathe a sigh of relief as they spot the statue holding the spear they were looking for, but as they try and pry the spear free the statue crackles and an ancient Mhiyrian Warrior awakens, the party fights valiantly but quickly notice that they can’t hurt the creature. After a tough fight, the party notices the Myr starting to rapidly age and turn to ash. Finally victorious the party grabs the spear and while backtracking through the dungeon they send a message to Epsilon detailing their victory and asking for backup. the group exit the dungeon and wait for Epsilon to arrive.

Session 18 - Close calls and new assets

After resting in the overly trapped church, the group gets stumped by a magic door. the group decides to test and research the fog gates, Brusla figures out that one of the gates changes something about your person, but everyone still walks trough, after some back and forth Brusla turns into a woman. Not unhappy by the change she now thinks new and easier ways to trick men into buying the items they have found on the way, for ridiculous prices.

The group finds a way back to the entrance thanks to Viclannan’s skills at searching, and he even disables a trap. Alistair manages to loose all his gear and items and walks around with some leather around his middle parts and some boots vic had.

Getting desperate Brusla turned to the holy and prayed to his god for guidance and actually got the answer “larchii wer bivnix, coi geou ti aso”, this tough Brusla to avoid the fog gates and focus their effort elsewhere.

Giving up on the magical door the group gets teleported through by Allistar, and find a laboratory, this room had some gelatinous cubes and the group managed to fight the first one off. The second one got killed by the same bomb technique Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn and Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar used to kill a giant skeleton, filling the room with acid in the process, they got a key out of it that no one knows what is for. they also almost die to a lava trap. they find a mummy that Alistair Storm manages to grapple, that turned into mist. while i mist form Appunns “Brusla” Kningtar used his new scythe, to devastating effect, resulting in the apperation being absorbed absorbed it. After the mummy’s death the roof started collapsing, they got out and later found it to be another illusion. now severely stumped Vic asked his lovelydovely for help, and they searched the room with the acid cubes to reveal a secret door.

They find a hole with spikes they need to get over, luckily the spikes are so far apart that you can climb down and walk between them. This worked great until Vic triggered a trap and spikes shot out bewteen the other spikes. He dodges the spikes and climbs up on the other side. Now tired of this shit Allistar teleports the rest of the group over. They now find another secret door to a new room where Vic and Allistar almost dies to a green slime trap.

They press on and triggers traps after traps. Until they find a cave where Allistars gear and items are, with more loot. Bruslina sees an invisible siren ghost, then decides to make a helmet out of a boot and sockets a gem she found earlier that lets her see invisible things. The siren starts to sing and Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn finds this great. Brusla makes quick work of the ghost with her scythe, that absorbs this being as well.

They find a lot of valuables and Allistars gear, and then decide to rest on the island in the cave.

Session 17 - Oh look! Another door

Brusla dreams he is working in a field. When the night falls the field turns into a bloodied battlefield and Brusla wakes up.

They spend some time figuring out how to open the door to the older part of the dungeon. They soon discover that the complex is riddled with traps and secrets. Vic discovers a hidden room where they encounter a gargoyle Alistair takes a pretty rough beating but the rest of the party manages to kill it. The gargoyle drops a collar with the inscription:

Look low and high for gold, to hear a tale untold. The archway at the end, and on your way you’ll wend

The hidden room has two doors. The first door leads to a one tiled empty room. The other door leads to another door which leads to another door and so on.

After dodging a few traps the group finds i mist gate adorned with four crystals of different colours. The party spends some time trying to figure out if the gate is safe to walk through, but Vic quickly looses his patience and walks through. It turns out that the gate doesn’t provide a way back so, after overcoming a few traps, Vic pushes on to find an alternate route back to his friends. On his way he finds a room with three chests in it. One made of gold, one of silver and one of wood. Vic opens the one made of wood and is attacked by a huge skeleton carrying two giant scimitars. With the help of his friends, supplying him with fireballs stored in crystals, Vic defeats the skeleton and finds a way for his friends to join him.

The party opens te silver chest and finds a crystal box and a ring of protection. The third chest contains a bunch of tiny vipers. They quickly kill the vipers but Alistair, having a really bad day, gets poisoned and barely mangages to drink an antidote before passing out.

When Alistair comes to they press on and find a corridor with lots of strange paintings. It turns out that a few of the paintings are nothing more than illusions hiding other rooms. In the first room they get to they find a gargoyle

De finner ut at to av maleriene er illusjoner. Bak den ene er det et lite rom med en gargoyl. De ofrer ni krystaller og den sier. “Your sacrifice was not in wain, look to the fourth to find your gain”. Degår til det fjerde rommet og blir angrepet av en brain in a jar. Vic setter inn nådestøtet en millimeter før en mindcontrolle brusla kjører en fireball i ryggen til vic. De finner blant annet en liten bag med safirer.

Session 16 - The Lich

After a good nights rest the group descends into the well using a rope to slowly and safely reach the bottom, Brusla manages to slip and fall, hurting himself and Vic, who he lands on.

They cross several dangerous chasms and slippery stones, Unlucky Brusla falls off the rocks several times and into the water stream below.

They encounter four skeletons once they arrive into what seems to be a hidden dungeon. They clear the dungeon and find a room with two skeletons and a large wight, after a close call where the wight tried to drain Alistair’s Soul they emerge victorious.

They find a chest with a hidden door behind it, containing a 2ft. statue of a female with wings and an ornate dagger.

In the hidden room behind the chest they found and defeated a Lich.

The party decided to take a leap of faith, literally, to uncover a hidden tomb; in the tomb, they find Reaper’s Embrace, a Philosophers stone and a spell book of some kind, they also find the lich’s phylectary, who’s original remains were lying in its coffin and permanently destroy it.

They then went further down into the depths, where the dungeon shifted from new to ancient architecture, but before venturing any further they group takes a rest.

Session 15 - Dragon and ruin clash

The group journeyed bravely up the mountains leaving their trusty steeds and donkey in a forest elf city.

On the way up the mountain they noticed a dragon.
The dragon tried too fool the group by pretending to be a woman in need, but the group did not feel heroic against a dragon so the bluff did not work.

Battle ensued and Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn managed to hurt the dragons ass so hard it screamed fear into Russlabb.


After this epic attack the dragon turned and punched Vic into sleep. The rest of the group managed to do drain out the last of the dragons health and it was a success. Waking up Vic the group decided to take the dragon with them to sell later, they did this by cutting the dragon into pieces and stuffing it into the bag of holding Vic bought earlier.

After some rest the group found an orc settlement where a drug induced shaman made the prodigy of the tribe, Bardu, show the group the way to the ruins they sought.

With the kid’s help they found the ruins, and for once developed a battle plan. The ruins was filled with goblins, and they had a leader and some mages. The battle went almost perfect, though Bardu almost died. A lot of fire spells were used in the battle and most of the ground ended up scorched, so the group rested in one of the ruined guard towers that still had a roof after saying good bye to the orc that had helped them.

The group had found a letter and knew the enemy was sending an emissary.

The next day they had to hurry down the well.


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