Hewalosvir, the mage slayer. The name is draconic for “Magebane”

Was created by Kereska, but given to Mystra as a truce. Mystra gave the blade to Armand Kaltarren

Used to be in Armand Kaltarren’s possession, but was recently taken by Doltaric Kaltarren.



  • this blade can destroy magical items
  • any spell that hits the wielder of this blade, has a chance of being fully absorbed
    • target spells have a 60% chance
    • line and small AoE have a 30% chance
    • Cone and large AoE have a 20% chance
  • On hit, removes 1 random spell per day from the target
    • If the caster has no more spells per day on that level, he takes xd6 damage
  • On a critical hit, removes 1 spell per day of each level available to the caster
    • If the caster has no more spells per day on a level, he takes xd6 damage.
  • If a caster wields this blade, every time he casts a spell he must take a will save vs. DC10 + the spell level or take xd6 damage.
  • If a spell is to be channeled through the blade, the spell is cancelled, and the caster takes xd6 damage.

in all cases, X is the level of the spell in mention


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