Kaltarren, Dorn


Son of Doltaric Kaltarren and Misa Harisillia. Soon after his birth however, his father Doltaric left on a sudden mission, and no one heared of him since.

Meanwhile, Armand Kaltarren appears and helps raise and train young Dorn. Telling him tales of Old Faerûn as he grows up. One day many years later, Doltaric returns. In a fight he gains possession of Armand’s sword and leaves. Armand tells Dorn that the Heroes of Old Faerun have returned, and he must bring them to him.

And so he sets out to find them. He meets the players roughly a day’s march from The Shrine of the Heroes, and in a goblin ambush, he witnesses the power of his uncle first hand. He then shows them the way to That-place-we-liked


Kaltarren, Dorn

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