Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 35 - Old friends and enemies

Allistair saw that the old Khaltarren house had been converted into a military base for the newly founded Epsilon faction

learned that Starmantle was being turned into the Temple City of Mystra

a scout, Fluksen (Glefse), reported that Doltarric Khaltarren had been spotted near Starmantle

Allistair, Sidiras and Fluksen descided to head to Starmantle and see what they learned.

they were mightily impressed, and drank the night away with dwarven friends from Mythril Hall

They returned to That-Place, and descided to go to the Harper Vault to scour for magical items to sacrefice to Mystra.

While looting the dungeon, they happened accross the forgotten gear of the Creator Races, bellonging to the same legends that bore the 5 artifacts. Shortly after they met some of The Blue Doll’s guardian constructs, and she presented herself to them as a spider construct “It has been a long time, dont think I havent forgotten what you did to my toys”

After a fight, they managed to scare her off, but before leaving she said “I see you have improved, but I must depart now. Next time I will have more upgrades too, I look forward to meeting you again…. The Purple Drake sends her regards” and she launched her self off the bridge.

Fluksen dove after her, transforming into a Tyrannosaurus mid flight. He gave her a powerful chomp, chushing her entire form. She said “Nice move, I hope you are pleased, but this was just a shell, remote controlled. I am curious, how do you feel about fireballs?” and self destructed her head.

Fluksen transformed into a Pteradon, and flew back up to the party.

After sacreficing most of the items to Mystra, the team had managed to reform 63% of Mystra, and now Allistair felt he was ready to face his brother.

They all went back to Starmantle, and set out to track Doltarric.

They came accross the settlement of the Red Axe tribe of orcs, but found them slaughtered at Doltarric’s blade, all save a young orc child, whom they teleported to That-Place to be safe.

Proceeding on, they came to the Raven Keep, where they once found a Mhyrian artifact. They heared the rawrs of a dragon deep underground, and went in fast pursuit.

Navigating through the all too familiar dungeon, they finaly burst into a room and saw Doltarric head to head with a massive Copper Draggon, whom they knew was Bruslina.

Allistair, waiting for this moment, fired off a dragon slaying arrow, but was stopped by a mysterious woman in red, who protected the dragon.

After going head to head with the woman, Allistair recognised her as The Red Rose, though now she was a lich.

After a long fight with both lich and dragon, the party, together with Doltarric, finaly dispelled Bruslina’s magic and forced into halfling form.

Bruslina whispered “farewell my friend” and attacked Doltarric with her scythe, knowing well what his blade, Hewalosvir would do to it. As the scythe shattered, it’s spirit came free, an Avatar of Death, focused on Doltarric.

Bruslina brought forth a large purple crystal, and channeling magic into it, she stopped time momentarily. When time unfroze, she was gone.

With Bruslina gone, and Red Rose dead, Doltarric stood no chance against the combined strength of Fluksen’s TRex form and Sidiras’ magic and pet snake, and was quickly taken prisoner.

Back in That-Place, Allistair tried to interrogate his brother, learning only “You know nothing Allistair Storm. I was the only one who could stop the Children of the Black Dawn from bringing about the second dark sun. Do you have any idea what it’s like to grow up during the cataclysm, and the years after? I did what had to be done, not like som spoiled brat, hiding behind his allies”

Doltarric tried to escape, smudging the magic circle binding him, and ending up in a fist fight with Allistair. Allistair seemed to prove Doltarric’s point, as he beat his naked brother senceless (while himself still covered head to toe in magic gear)

After returning to Vic’s main hall, Allistair once again saw his old frined Vic emerge from a room, a large smile on his face. Obviously Vic had just gotten some action, either that or he was ready for adventure again…. probably both.



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