Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 35 B - The truth revealed

Meanwhile, at Vic's...

Meanwhile, at Vic’s, Rhialla seemed to be keeping more and more to her self. Vic was getting worried, so he descided to sneek around after her. He discovered there were secret meetings going on in the tavern. Rhialla was meeting with Gano, Grein, Jarlaxle, Kerry, Nathaniel, and Tarmikos, Tramul. They seemed to be discussing the future of the Epsilon faction, as well as how Allistair was doing. Grein seemed concerned about Rhialla too, and was asking how she was doing.

Later that night Vic found Rhialla undressed in their room (something unusual, as she had recently started covering up more and more), it was however, not a pleasant sight for Vic. Rhialla was crying, and her body was covered in what looked like black tattoos. At a closer inspection Vic saw the blackness moving underneath her skin. Vic pressed her on the matter, and she reminded him that this “ink” appeared when she was locked in stasis by Bruslina, and grew worse by the use of magic.

Vic finally used a sending to contact Bruslina, and was told that the “ink” curse was indeed his making. Bruslina also told Vic that she could cure it, but needed Vic to do something for her first. Bruslina told Vic to meet her representative outside the Harper Vault. Reluctant, Vic went to Jarlaxle and told him what had happened. Jarlaxle agreed to join Vic to the site.

Upon arriving outside the Vault, Vic and Jarlaxle saw a small tent and campfire, with a Dragonborn sat by. Caucious as always, Vic approached while invisible, the dragonborn seemed like he wasnt agressive though, and Vic revealed himself. The dragonborn introduced himself as Rappo Kningtar, follower of The Purple Drake.

They open a sealed scroll, a recorded message from Bruslina tells them to go to the Troll Mts. to bring back something from inside the caves, they will know it when they see it. If it is not there, they must get away as fast as they can.

Rappo teleports the group there, and they explore the caves. The caves are filled with Myconids and Blighters, as well as a beholder. Deep inside the caves they find out they are inside a giant corpse, there are huge bones sticking up, and they discovere what looks like a heart, except there is a big hole in it. What they came fore is obviously taken, so they charge out of the caves. On the outside they see a large group of Children of the Black Dawn riding towards them, so they flee as fast as they can north, to the town of Priapurl.

In Priapurl, Vic has some pleasant memories, as this was the town where he met Rhialla, and his daughter Victoria Priapurl, was concieved. The party rests here the night, and the next morning Rappo gets a message from a mysterious halfling. The message gives him coordinates to where he must take Vic, to they may get the cure for Rhialla.

Rappo teleports the group to the Raven keep, high atop the Orsraun Mts. They are greeted by an orc from the Redaxe tribe, who is obviously mind controlled in some way. They are escorted to the well in the middle of the keep, and Vic sees that it has been upgraded since the last time he was here. The well transforms into a staircase down, and the party decends. When facing the portal near the start of the dungeon, Rappo gets a message from Bruslina telling him to push Vic through the portal. Doing so, Vic emerges in the room where they fought the Mhyrian Spear guardian, Vic is also now face to face with Bruslina.

Bruslina told Vic and Rappo about the cure to Rhialla, not only that, but the cure would also be the weapon against the Children of the Black Dawn, and destroying Agon Mhiyr for good.
Rappo was in awe of his deity’s prescence, a little too much so Bruslina har to put him to sleep.
Rappo continued with Vic, telling him that he was sorry for what he did to Rhialla, but it was the only way to ensure that he had the full support of Viclannnan, and that the cure would work.
The final task Bruslina had for the duo, was for them to enter the spear and find it’s core, it’s heart and source of power, and bring it out.

Reluctantly, Vic agreed.

Inside the spear, Vic and Rappo saw abohorrant and wild magic all over the place, time distorted and wreaked havoc to everything. The weakest spots were the only safe passage, easily distinguished by its not-completely-ruined Mhiyrian architecture.

Fighting their way through to the core, they realised they were fighting Mhiyrian soldiers. Always in pairs, a large wolf like creature mounted by a spear knight. When dismounted the creature would transform into another knight, and they would fight back to back.

One such encounter forced a smile upon the team, despite the horrid surroundings and dire sittuation. A Mhiyrian duo was pushed off the safe path, the chaos magic storm transformed it into a huge twisted dragon, composed of lightning, crystals and pure chaotic energy. Just as Vic and Rappo were about to embrase their demise, the chaos storm struck again, and to their fortune, the dragon was transformed into a sheep, and fell to it’s death.

At the core of the spear’s world, a puzzle presented it’s self to them, and after solving it, they had a bright purple crystal in their hands. The world was collapsing, and Bruslina pulled them out. Together the three of them performed a ritual to save the crystal and some of the Mhiyrian items from crumbling to dust, and after a short rest Bruslina had developed a cure for Rhialla. He told them to leave, but he would stay in touch as he developed the weapon to finally end the war that had raged for far too long.



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