Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 31 - An unlikely companion

After returning with Rhialla from Starmantle Alistair and Vic splits up when Vic decides to take back some lost family time and stay home in That-Place. Alistair is introduced to Nitharos, a remnant of the former Epsilon group that they worked with 200 years ago; it now consists of Jarlaxle, Grein, Tramul, Rhialla, Gano and Kerry. They Device a plan to find the Eclipse copycats called Children of the Black Dawn, a scout reported that one of their oldest members; Grein, had been kidnapped by the group and is probably located in Thay. After an incident with the scouts where their HQ got blown up by the copycats, Tleks is motivated by vengeance to join Alistair on his way to rescue Grein. Before they leave they take with them another scout, the same one that had found Grein in the first place, a Yuan-ti Hunter with a massive constrictor-snake companion. They all left together for Thay, after a couple of days at sea they arrive at a blockade at the Thay border, luckly the groups scout had prepared Visas for the group and they passed the blockade into Thay.

After the group makes landfall they head for the location where the Children of the Black dawn were last observed.



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