Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 29 - Prologue

The party is told to leave for That-place-we-liked and find Kaltarren, Armand.
When they leave they are greeted by Tleks Brupk and Kaltarren, Dorn.
They make it back to That-place and meet Armand who tell them more about what they need to do and how to do it. Vic goes to the biggest Pub in That-place incidently called Vic’s, when he enters he is told about the Pubs history and mystery, many people claim ownership over the bar but only the one true owner could open a safe placed in the bar. Proclaiming that he was the true owner he tried opening the safe, he managed to open it and found a rugged shoe and a letter inside telling him not to sleep with the barmaid. The puzzle fell into place for Vic as he realised that the barmaid was his daughter and that Celakasiron, Rhialla Dellaren is still alive but had recently disappeared. The party decides to take the bounty for returning Rhialla, but first Alistair witnesses the death of his old father Armand just after he transfers the essence of Mystra into him (returning his magical abilities to him).



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