Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 28 - Epilogue

The party leaves the underdark after the devestating news of Bruslina’s betrayal.
They get summoned to the battle against Agon Mhiyr
Through a vision they see Haege dead and Baldurs gate in ruins.
The Vic and Alistair are sent 200 years into the future.
They meet Tarmikos, Tramul and he explain what happened, Agon Mhiyr had gone on a rampage for a while before Mystra intercepted him, they fought and Mystra killed Agon Mhiyr but died aswell causing the spell weave to collaps and the spellplague to start.
Vic and Alistair see statues of themselves in the shrine they are in, putting them down is history as the heroes that tried to stop Eclypse.



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