Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 27 - Tower of Reflection

She did what?!?

Alistair Storm wakes up with a new mindset after the school trip and starts to work out more, waking up Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn in the process.

Seeing Allistar trying to learn sign language to his familiar, Appunns “Bruslina” Kningtar showed that it was simpler ways to give commands, this ended in a great discussion and vic ceased the opportunity to try out some new tricks, stealing a lot of materials from Bruslina and almost getting Allistars journal.

Making point of when they were supposed to do the heist the big hatted Jarlaxle
entered the door saying now.

As the scheduled meeting had proven to be at a different time, the heist had to happen now. The plan had changed greatly to Bruslinas confusion.

They get to the courtyard in a hurry and get into heist mode. Vic and Allistar fake their way to the backside of the guardhouse, Russlabb looking like a green wyrmling from Bruslinas spells just walks inn, and Bruslina entered the ethereal plane and got to the meeting point with no issues.

The ground slid appartant and it was revealed to be an secret entrance to the tower, the group entered this tunnel as Jarlaxle instructed. The ended up in an unused slave quarters. This was the place to escape from and Allistar and Russlab waited here to guard the exit.

Vic and bruslina started to climb the tower using a fancy levitate lift in the center and did not waste time getting to the treasure room.

It was a pit trap in the way, but having the ability to fly and climb on walls it was just bypassed. The door to the treasure room opened and faster than thought Vic stopped Bruslina from setting of a trap on the floor. Not so grandly Bruslina told that the room was covered in magic traps as well. There was an imp with an hourglass flying around the room mocking them so they got a touch of panic and hurried. After taking care of the traps, Vic marking the ones at the floor and Bruslina only putting them in a near death situation once, the imp proved only to be a timer you had to wait for to reach a mirror. In a split second Bruslina understood it’s use and got to it, after some of the paintings in the room showed to be guards waiting.

more text later ;P



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