Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 32 - Sidiras' Report 1

To the Master of Sidiras (things written here might not be known by all the characters)

I have finally joined up with the elf Alistair, the harbinger Mystra. I managed to join up with him after scouting out a liar where one of his friends was kept prisoner. Together with a tengu called Tleks, we went into Thay to rescue this friend. Alistair was very sceptical of our entry into Thay, not being familiar with visas and normal entry customs, it would seams he thought that Thay was a place purely creating with the undead, and not the powerful country it is.
After arriving in Lyrabar we went up through the Gray Forest and into the mountains to find the Lair of a group of Children of the Black Dawn, who have taken this friend. We entered into what appeared to be an ancient mhyirian tomb, and fought with the summons of these Children, among them a glabrezu, which Alistair took out singlehanded.
After entering the actual tomb, which belonged to a person named Luan Phien, a Mhyirian of great power. After fighting our way through a magically rotating labyrinth we entered the inner chamber of the tomb and found the final resting-place of Luan Phien. Here we managed to awaken the lich of Luan Phien. Luckily we, through some good diplomacy, managed to avoid a fight with the lich. And we managed to retrieve the friend, albeit as an disembodied soul stuck in a crystal.
Through the dungeon Alistair showed parts of the godly powers caught inside of him. I am unsure if Alistair is able to communicate directly with Mystra, but I will try to inquire discreetly about it. Until your orders change I will continue to observe and watch over the elf, and try to find out more about his condition.
Your loyal servant.



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