Nitharos III: The Last Ritual

Session 40 - Beautiful colored spirals

- Finally deciding to assault Rowenrai’s Rest, the party set out from their camp
- Alistair used a scroll to summon an illusory army marching at the gates, while Viclannan flew over ready to use an earthquake scroll
- as they approached, a huge metal dome sprung up from the ground, covering the town, spells flew out from the gates, and a small group of orcs charged at Alistair and Fikki, a wyvern flew out from a hole that opened in the dome and attacked Viclannan.
- When Viclannan’s fly died, he leaped onto the wyvern and was taken back inside the dome
- Fikki easily dispached the gate orcs, and proceeded into the village together with Alistair
- Viclannan tried his best to fight off the orc necromancer Rotface, but it was a tough battle, Viclannan seemingly had no chance, but the Rotface escaped
- Alistair fought chased after the orc shaman, Gister, fighting valiantly as Fikki mopped up the orcs.
- Finaly Gister tried to escape by wildshaping into a rat, but even that was futile against Alistair, and Gister was slain before he could escape.

- After landing from his fall off the tower, Viclannan cast a hypnotic pattern spell causing most of the orcs to become hypnotised by his beautifully colored spirals, making the rest of the job easy for Alistair and Fikki
- two ogres and an ettin charged the group, but proved little extra effort.

- With no time to rest, the party was attacked by the orc leader Rakkpit and his pet shoosuva, Snapperjaw.
- The pair proved a challange for the group, Rakkpit was a relentless orc, wielding a devastating grafted skeletal arm, causing Alistair to fall unconscious.
- Snapperjaw tried to hunt town Viclannan, forcing him to stay back as his allies as they slowly died
- Fikki managed to get a healing potion into Alistair before he himself passed out
- Alistair finished off Rakkpit as Viclannan finished off Snapperjaw

- Finally done, Viclannan searched the mayor’s house that the orcs used as a base, as Rappo and Alistair made sure the orcs would not raise. (they were weary of the necromancer escaping)
- After they were done, the group teleported back to Mystra’s hold, and spent a week preparing for their assault on Vic’s Tavern.

- The plan now was to have Kerry and a new bronze dragon ally Nymmurh, provide distractions to the west, as the party, together with Doltaric, teleport to the roof of Vic’s and sneak in.
- The party teleported to the roof, and Alistair immediately leapt off onto a lower tier, Doltaric rappelled down a different side, and Fikki and Viclannan climbed down a third.
- The party crashed right into a group of orcs, and combat began.
- The party fought their way down to a second floor, where they easily dispatched all orcs, the only orc having any effect on them was the bartender, who was surprisingly proficient at tossing beer mugs at them.
- After taking a short breather, the party decided to continue down.

Session 39 - Revenge is a dish best served really really cold

- Went back to Mystra’s Hold
- Planned tactics with Doltaric
- Learned about a town called Rowenrai’s Rest, taken over by the orcs from Vics
- The plan was to hit Rowenrai’s hard, forcing Vics to send out it’s army, then sneak into Vics and kill the tanarukk Vrogak.

- The party treks to Rowenrai, meeting an orc scouting party along the way, the party dispatched the orcs easily, Fikki forced a wyvern to choke it’s self on it’s tail with the a domination spell. Disgusted at the sight, Alistair continued along the path while Fikki enjoyed the sight a little too much.
- The party was attacked by an ogre, and Viclannan trapped it inside his portable hole. Disgusted again by the dishonorable combat, Alistair again ignored his allies when the ogre popped out.

- Finally reaching Rowenrai’s Rest, the party changed their tactics and decided to camp out nearby, and pick the orcs off slowly.
- Viclannan descided to sneak in and poison the orc’s food supply, but he was spotted by an orc shaman and had to escape.

Session 38b - The Loneliest Day

-players wake
-meet Gano Hyrim in a shack nearby
-Gano has a mechanical arm
-he explains that the world has shattered, and 20 years has gone
-he guides them to Mystra’s Hold (formerly Temple City)
-They meet Kaltarren, Doltaric, the new leader
-They are told about the world’s sittuation
-Gano discusses a ritual that Kningtar, Bruslina had planned
-Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn tries to contact Celakasiron, Rhialla Dellaren with no success
-Vic contacts Celakasiron, Victoria Priapurl
-Fikki Kningtar contacts Pria and teaches her a Teleportation Circle
-The group go to visit Pria and learn that Rhialla is dead, killed by a Tanarukk that took over Vics
-Vic almost goes berserk, his sadness affecting his magic, but Pria makes him sleep with a spell.

Session 38a - Death of a Deity

- Nathan’s Funeral
- Prepping for war
- Killing a Shadow Mastiff and 2 Black Sons
- Rappo destroyed the Teleportation circle
- Rappo destroyed the Armory
- Vic flew up and saw 5 Black Sons, 2 Draegloth, and 2 Death Kiss approaching
- Alistair held off the Draegloths and a Death Kiss
- Vic and Rappo killed the Black Sons and tanked the Death Kiss back to the Circle
- A final Death Kiss approached as one Black Son teleported away
- Some of the ravens circling the island were warlocks in disguise
- A beholder came, and had problems with Rappo and Vic’s ferret
- Vic got the final kill, thanks to Alistair distracting the beholder

- Going through the scrying room, they killed the headmaster by pinning him to a wall with his desk, Vic and Rappo looted all his paperwork
- Entering the final chamber, they saw the Raven Queen on her throne
- Alistar dropped his sword, teleported up to her, and called his sword again to slash her
- Rappo shot her with fire bolts and disintegrate
- Vic used his Book of Infinate spells to cast disintegrate, causing the book to change page
- The Raven Queen missed with her Black Hole spells, and Alistair’s sword absorbed her other blasts.

- The Raven Queen was furious, so she started to summon a larger Black Hole
- Alistair attacked her, and when she tried to block with her black hole, a shockwave went out, the whole room shattered, Alistair could see his own torso split in half. Time stopped as a familiar person appeared in the room. Bruslina walked up to Alistair, handing him a purple crystal while saying “this Crystal is the key. Find the others, return the world”
Bruslina then walks to Vic, the strain from keeping time stopped obviously draining her life, her skin peeling away for every step she takes. As she approaches Vic she says “Farewell my friend” and places a single gold coin into Vic’s pocket, before they all pass out.

Session 37c - Farewell old friend, Hello beasty

- Nitharos is finally repaired and in the air once more, it flies to Starmantle to prepare for the following battle.
- Alistair Kaltarren‘s efforts have proved fruitfull, as Everbloom has sent their elites to help “win back the sun”, wizards from all over the world have come to join, even some Red Wizards of Thay, defectors from Szazz Tam’s undead regime, have come to show their support.
- Rappo Kningtar had convinced all the Kningtar clans to offer support however they can.
- Jarlaxle has his Bregan D’aerthe allies acting as spies.

The party finally has some downtime to rest and prepare, Alistair spends his time meditating and trying to learn how to better wield his father’s sword Hewalosvir, Rappo get’s his new gauntlets and spends time learning how they work. While Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn teaches his daughter how to fight.

Some short time later, Rappo was in the “flower shop” when a drow came bursting in, sating the pass phrase and rushing down into the basement, Rappo danced after and met Jarlaxle down there speaking drow to the new guy. Alarmed, Jarlaxle yelled at Rappo “Where is Vic!?”

Vic was in his tavern, performing on the bar counter to try to raise profits. Rhialla had told him she was pissed about him going off with Priapurl, but since the new bar taps and modron had raised profits by 20%, she would let it slide. Vic wanted more, was told if he got profits up to 21% she would “treat him” later on.
Suddenly the door burst in, Jarlaxle pointed at Vic, then at one of the protected booths.
The two of them went there and Jarlaxle yelled “Where’s Alistair?!” Vic had no idea, so Jarlaxle told him to find Alistair as fast as he can and meet him at the town entrance. On the way Jarlaxle grabbed hold of Rappo too.

When Vic and Alistair got to the entrance, Jarlaxle explained that Nathaniel‘s mission was a success, he had uncovered the location of the Children of the Black Dawn’s main base, but he was busted and had to escape, he was in dire trouble not far from That-Place, but he dare not enter as he was morally wounded. No one understood quite what that meant. Jarlaxle used a Sending to communicate with Grein Dragonbeard, and was informed that Nathaniel was cursed, and upon his death a great evil will be unleashed.

As the party approached the Corpse of Agon, they saw it’s entrance explode in a cloud of black smoke, their assumptions that Nathan was dead was confirmed when Haege sent a mental communication to Alistair saying that “Nathaniel is dead, you must destroy what came out before the Black Dawn get word of it” Everything was so confusing, Alistair asked “What is going on? What is it?”…. it was an Ancient Shadow Dragon.
Jarlaxle had been communicating with Grein, and informed the party that long ago, Nathan was lost in the Shadowfell, the dragon Narathaxiaris found him entertaining, and over time gifted him abilities to see what he might do. When Haege and Grein pulled Nathan back to the material plane, the shadow dragon placed a curse on Nathan, claiming that whenever he dies, a rift will open letting Thax through. This is why Nathan can shadow-step at free will, and has been so successful as a spy.

As the party approached they saw Thax coming out of the cave, bellowing a horrifying roar. Jarlaxle urged the party to attack now, before the dragon fully forms in this plane.

Understanding the urgency, Alistair summons forth his spirit warriors of Mystra, and casts spiderclimb, he then teleports onto to dragon’s back and begins hacking away.
Viclannan flanks around the dragon, calling forth Melf’s Minute Meteors and begins firing away from behind. Rappo does the same, but from the other direction, calling forth some meteors, and throwing his own fire along side.

The dragon screams, clawing at Alistair on his back, and thrashing it’s wings at the spirit warriors hacking at it’s legs. The terror of seeing such a massive dragon, made from pure black shadow, along with the horrifying roar was too much for Vic, who was stood a mere 40 feet away, panic set in and he hid at the cave entrance while launching as many meteors and bolts as he could.

After disposing of the spirits, and failing at knocking Alistair loose, Thax turns it’s attention to Vic, pathetically attempting to hide by the cave entrance. The dragon lunges at Vic with claw and fang, forcing Vic to teleport further into the cave in panic. Thax thrashes around at Alistair one last time, before launching himself high into the air, realising that Rappo was too far away and needing to deal with the insect on his back first.

On his way out, Viclannan stumbled upon what little remained of Nathaniel, and noticed that before he died, the spy had stuck some papers to the wall with a dagger.
Exiting the cave, Vic could barely see the dragon spinning around high up in the sky, trying to shake off Alistair.

Alistair, realising there is but one spell he could use in this situation, sheaths his blade and casts Earthbind. The dragon, suddenly starts to plummet back down towards the ground. Cursing the leech on his back, Thax spews out a cloud of necrotic shadows and smoke straight down, and proceeds to fall into his own breath attack. The fumes prove too much for Alistair, and he is knocked out, only Mystra’s blessing protecting him fully falling to the necrotic power of a shadow dragon’s breath.

For a brief moment Vic, Rappo and Jarlaxle loose sight of the dragon as it entered the cloud of pure darkness, but then the dragon emerges with a loud boom as it crashes to the surface, causing the ground to shake and a massive crater appear as some of the caves beneath the surface collapse. In one last effort, Jarlaxle runs forward spraying the dragon with a wand of sunlight, Rappo fires loose a ray of Disintegration causing the dragon to yell out in pain, Vic follows Rappo by pulling out his very special “Only-For-Special-Occasions” Book and casts his own ray of Disintegration from it, thanking Tymora the page didn’t flip.

Finally, Rappo sends out one last shot, and the dragon screams in pain as it evaporates. Rappo runs up to Alistair, shoving a potion down his throat.

Session 37b - Unsuspected Allies, the Armies Gather

- At the Auction, Vic decides to try to flirt with some of the local ladies, when he feels a knife press against his back, and hears a whisper in his ear “You flirt with one more lady, and it will be my turn to stab you”. Recognising the voice as Rhialla, he slowly turns and replies “So I cant flirt with you either then?”
- The three of them finally sit down for the auction, and Vic bids on a few things, but only ends up winning an Onyx Dog Figurine
- The final item though, is presented as “The weapon that has slain dragons, demons and gods, wielded by the hero that brought Mystra back, the legendary mage slayer Hewalosvir!” though the party knew for a fact that the real Hewalosvir was in Alistair’s posessions, the auctioneer granted the audience some minutes to think over their budgets before beginning, during this time they came to the conclusion that they would buy the item, but instead of paying, they would expose the fraud, and use this to blackmail the auctioneer into helping them find the missing item they needed.
- They then noticed a drow sat behind them as Jarlaxle, who leant forwards and jokingly stated that the word “black” mail is offensive, and he would prefer extortion.
- Rhialla and Vic raised the price of the fake to ensure that they won it, and “bought” it for a whopping 700 000 gold
- After the auction Jarlaxle left through a different exit from the others, Rhialla said she had a meeting with the Prince of Epsilon, and “took” one of Vic’s Mhyrian spears as a gift.
- As the auction was protected by an Antimagic field, the party had to go into a side room to have their newly purchased items proven to them. Vic was satisfied with his new dog, but when the auctioneer and her wizard friend went to prove Hewalosvir, both Alistair and Vic saw it to be an illusion, Alistair summoned the real sword and arrested the wizard for fraud. They interrogated the halfling auctioneer and found out it was none other than Hishi Kningtar herself, whom Vic had wanted to seek out anyway.
- Back at camp, Grein agreed to go with Hishi to her base, as she said she had records of some antiquities being traded some 5 years ago. Meanwhile, Alistair received his gear, and Rappo got word from the wizard he employed that the experiments were a success, however the crystals were extremely destructive, pleased Rappo gave him the gauntlets to work with.

- When Grein returned, he informed them that the missing piece was indeed traded, and was currently in the possession of an unknown Neo Faerûnian engineer they had a detailed description, but needed to send an emissary of some sorts to deliver a proposal, he also wanted to attempt to hire the engineer, as any extra knowledge on the Batrachi ship would be most welcome. Vic, through Rhialla, asked their daughter to speak to the Neo Faerun guild in That-place, but not without Rhialla pointing out that Vic should talk to his daughter too sometimes.
- Feeling a little ashamed, he went back to That-Place to hear how things went in person. Things had gone well, and Priapurl had managed to secure passage and “visa” for two people to enter Neo Faerun as emissaries. She convinced Vic that the two to go should be themselves, saying she wanted to travel and adventure a little too, but mother was too strict, while Vic saw it as an opportunity to finally bond a little with his daughter.
- While Vic was out traveling, Alistair decided to spread the word of Mystra’s return, and send out a call-to-arms against the Black Dawn threat, while Rappo reached out to the Kningtar family (also finally figuring out how he is related to Hishi)

- Vic and Pria’s journey to Calimport went without a hitch, as the two of them travelled as emissaries seeking to learn the joys of modern technology and bring it back to That-Place (something not entirely false) but in secret seek out the engineer that had their missing piece, and attempt to recruit her.
- They met with Tila Techla, an engineer in the ruling council of Neo Faerun, and also the engineer they were seeking. They managed to interest her with the proposal to work onboard the Nitharos, but they would need to convince the council too. While waiting for their meeting, Pria purchased some modern bar taps for Vics Tavern, Vic himselv bought some new crossbows and a Construct Servant (designed after the Modron’s of Mechanus)
- The next morning they met with the council: Alistair Ironheart, Jora Caldari, Murdock the Hunter, Timothy Mechari, Tila Techla and the Head Chancellor Tokas Majere
- They presented that they desired Tila to come and work with the Rising Sons onboard the Nitharos, and that when the Children of the Black Dawn were defeated, it would (literally) shine light on Neo Faerûn Order and help convince the world (and Everbloom) that technology is not bad.
- Agreeing to this under a few conditions (which were accepted), Tila was granted leave to go and assist.
- After the meeting, Pria commented to Vic that no one in the council seemed like normal people.. they were all so bad-ass, Vic accidently stated that “adventurers get things done” only sparking his daughters interest in adventuring even more. Before they left, Pria begged Vic to borrow some money to buy “provisions” for the journey, he knew she was lying, but was more curious as to what she was up too, so he lent her some gold.
- She returned with a mechanical folding shield, and an extending spear, Vic teased her that they were not provisions, unless she suddenly eats metal. She replied that she had bought a plate and a fork, and he accepted her response with a smile.

Back at Athkatla, the final stages of repair were under way.

Session 37a - The longest short rest ever

- escorted the sarcophagus into the Gulthmere forest and were met by two druids to guide them
- the forrest was lush, but quickly started to deteriorate
- Viclannan ‘Vic’ Trihorn was affected my Madness, and became fascinated with death
- Rune became alerted to something evil up ahead, so Vic, Rappo Kningtar and one of the druids went to investigate. They found the rotting corpse of a unicorn, something very unsettling for the druid.
- once it began to stir, Alistair Kaltarren teleported in to help battle it
- the Undead Unicorn proved no big threat to them, however the “taint” strengthened Vic’s madness, and affected the druid too, putting him in utter despair
- Rune came and noticed this, and was immediately in panic, he rushed back to the sarcophagus, with Alistair and Rappo not far behind. Rune started drawing up a Circle of Protection and pointed out that one of the seals had weakened and broken, he could repair it, but had to focus all his energy on it for the rest of the trip.

After they got moving again, there were attacked from behind by a group of mounted assailants. These enemies were Children of the Black Dawn, but proved even easier targets than the Unicorn.

Upon reaching The Temple City (prev. Starmantle) Kerry met them and guided them in to the city. He sent Rappo to take Vic to a cleric to clear his madness, and escorted Alistair and the sarcophagus to the ritual site.

-Ritual was a success, Mystra had returned and all the mages rejoiced. The party were awarded with Blessings:
- Alistair got the Blessing of Valhalla (he can summon spirit warriors once every 7 days)
- Vic got the Blessing of XX (all non-magical weapons are magical when he uses them, and have +1 bonus)
- Rappo got the Blessing of YY ()

- Gano Hyrim told them to go all to Athcatla, but Vic and Alistair started to plan out a business idea instead
- Rappo gave some magic items from the Mhyrian realm to a wizard in hopes of learning something, and also getting some sweet gear. He then went to find Vic and Alistair talking, despite Nathaniel urging them to go as soon as possible, as Grein Dragonbeard was waiting for them.
- Tired of waiting, Rappo and Nathan made a teleportation circle around the group and sent them there, forgetting that Alistair had left all his gear in a chest for the ritual he had to go through. Alistair was annoyed, but still so pleased that Mystra was back that he didnt make a big deal out of it, just asked Grein to have his stuff sent by teleportation the next morning.

- Grein asked the party to try to find some information about black market trading. The ship Nitharos was almost repaired, but was missing one vital part, something that was looted right after it crashed.
- Vic asked around and found information about a black market dealer operating out of the ruins of Candlekeep, the dealer was called Hishi.
- Alistair used his Waterdhavian ties too pull some strings, and heard about a secret auction for nobles, but he deeded to donate something to get in, and his gear had still not arrived.

- Meanwhile, Rappo decided to explore Nitharos, hoping to find something that would help him understand the gauntlets he looted from the Mhyrian realm, however he was guided by an unknown sense towards the old room of Kningtar, Appunns “Bruslina”
- When he got there, he had a scary encounter with the Dracolich Haege, and he passed out when she mentioned it was Brusla’s old room
- Back at the camp, Alistair and Vic heard Rappo had gone in, and knowing he worships the Purple Drake feared the worst and ran in to look for him. Alistair went straight for Brusla’s room and dragged him out. But while Vic was searching through his bag, he encountered Haege, she asked him about Rappo, and if Vic knew anything about Brusla’s recent activities. Informing Vic that she believed Brusla has grander schemes than what might be apparent, and that he was no where near as evil as the other Eclypse members.
- Back outside, the party asked Nathaniel to try to spy on the Black Dawn, he agreed and shifted his appearance to that of a young cocky wizard apprentice, and took a Black Dawn mask from Vic. He would attempt go undercover as an enthusiastic apprentice seeking more power, having the mask as a souvenir. Alistair convinced Vic to help him enter the auction, and the two went to there.

Session 36 - A long awaited reunion

- Viclannan and Rappo met Alistair in Vics
- Grein and the Rising Sons asked the crew to go to the Portal to meet Tarmikos
- when meeting them they met "Rune"s new character and were asked to escort a sarcophagus to Starmantle to be sacrificed to Mystra
- they got half way

Session 35 B - The truth revealed
Meanwhile, at Vic's...

Meanwhile, at Vic’s, Rhialla seemed to be keeping more and more to her self. Vic was getting worried, so he descided to sneek around after her. He discovered there were secret meetings going on in the tavern. Rhialla was meeting with Gano, Grein, Jarlaxle, Kerry, Nathaniel, and Tarmikos, Tramul. They seemed to be discussing the future of the Epsilon faction, as well as how Allistair was doing. Grein seemed concerned about Rhialla too, and was asking how she was doing.

Later that night Vic found Rhialla undressed in their room (something unusual, as she had recently started covering up more and more), it was however, not a pleasant sight for Vic. Rhialla was crying, and her body was covered in what looked like black tattoos. At a closer inspection Vic saw the blackness moving underneath her skin. Vic pressed her on the matter, and she reminded him that this “ink” appeared when she was locked in stasis by Bruslina, and grew worse by the use of magic.

Vic finally used a sending to contact Bruslina, and was told that the “ink” curse was indeed his making. Bruslina also told Vic that she could cure it, but needed Vic to do something for her first. Bruslina told Vic to meet her representative outside the Harper Vault. Reluctant, Vic went to Jarlaxle and told him what had happened. Jarlaxle agreed to join Vic to the site.

Upon arriving outside the Vault, Vic and Jarlaxle saw a small tent and campfire, with a Dragonborn sat by. Caucious as always, Vic approached while invisible, the dragonborn seemed like he wasnt agressive though, and Vic revealed himself. The dragonborn introduced himself as Rappo Kningtar, follower of The Purple Drake.

They open a sealed scroll, a recorded message from Bruslina tells them to go to the Troll Mts. to bring back something from inside the caves, they will know it when they see it. If it is not there, they must get away as fast as they can.

Rappo teleports the group there, and they explore the caves. The caves are filled with Myconids and Blighters, as well as a beholder. Deep inside the caves they find out they are inside a giant corpse, there are huge bones sticking up, and they discovere what looks like a heart, except there is a big hole in it. What they came fore is obviously taken, so they charge out of the caves. On the outside they see a large group of Children of the Black Dawn riding towards them, so they flee as fast as they can north, to the town of Priapurl.

In Priapurl, Vic has some pleasant memories, as this was the town where he met Rhialla, and his daughter Victoria Priapurl, was concieved. The party rests here the night, and the next morning Rappo gets a message from a mysterious halfling. The message gives him coordinates to where he must take Vic, to they may get the cure for Rhialla.

Rappo teleports the group to the Raven keep, high atop the Orsraun Mts. They are greeted by an orc from the Redaxe tribe, who is obviously mind controlled in some way. They are escorted to the well in the middle of the keep, and Vic sees that it has been upgraded since the last time he was here. The well transforms into a staircase down, and the party decends. When facing the portal near the start of the dungeon, Rappo gets a message from Bruslina telling him to push Vic through the portal. Doing so, Vic emerges in the room where they fought the Mhyrian Spear guardian, Vic is also now face to face with Bruslina.

Bruslina told Vic and Rappo about the cure to Rhialla, not only that, but the cure would also be the weapon against the Children of the Black Dawn, and destroying Agon Mhiyr for good.
Rappo was in awe of his deity’s prescence, a little too much so Bruslina har to put him to sleep.
Rappo continued with Vic, telling him that he was sorry for what he did to Rhialla, but it was the only way to ensure that he had the full support of Viclannnan, and that the cure would work.
The final task Bruslina had for the duo, was for them to enter the spear and find it’s core, it’s heart and source of power, and bring it out.

Reluctantly, Vic agreed.

Inside the spear, Vic and Rappo saw abohorrant and wild magic all over the place, time distorted and wreaked havoc to everything. The weakest spots were the only safe passage, easily distinguished by its not-completely-ruined Mhiyrian architecture.

Fighting their way through to the core, they realised they were fighting Mhiyrian soldiers. Always in pairs, a large wolf like creature mounted by a spear knight. When dismounted the creature would transform into another knight, and they would fight back to back.

One such encounter forced a smile upon the team, despite the horrid surroundings and dire sittuation. A Mhiyrian duo was pushed off the safe path, the chaos magic storm transformed it into a huge twisted dragon, composed of lightning, crystals and pure chaotic energy. Just as Vic and Rappo were about to embrase their demise, the chaos storm struck again, and to their fortune, the dragon was transformed into a sheep, and fell to it’s death.

At the core of the spear’s world, a puzzle presented it’s self to them, and after solving it, they had a bright purple crystal in their hands. The world was collapsing, and Bruslina pulled them out. Together the three of them performed a ritual to save the crystal and some of the Mhiyrian items from crumbling to dust, and after a short rest Bruslina had developed a cure for Rhialla. He told them to leave, but he would stay in touch as he developed the weapon to finally end the war that had raged for far too long.


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